San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

May Crowning
The May Crowning this year took place by itself, at a special service in the evening, followed by Benediction.

Our Lady of the New Millennium
Entitled "Our Lady of the New Millennium," this statue of Mary was transported here on a flatbed truck; from Sunday to Saturday, it was mounted in the grotto area. In 2000, Our Lady of the Millennium was here in July. In 2003, the statue was here from July 27 to August 2.

Devotion to Mary, the Mother of Christ

Three times, San Rocco has welcomed a huge statue of Mary, which is venerated periodically, in different locations around the area.  In conjunction with, say, a five-day visit, there is a Mass each evening, at the base of the statue.  People also say the rosary and sing hymns in honor of Mary.  This is Our Lady of the New Millennium, commissioned by Carl Demma.  (This devotion is not unlike that of the Pilgrim Virgin, in which a smaller statue is moved from place to place.)

Several times, too, San Rocco has had a May Crowning, apart from Sunday Mass.  This devotion centers on the children who participate in the ceremony.  There is now a new set of steps in front of the oratory's statue of Mary, so that the children can stand on the steps and be seen by everyone.  It is also easier to get up and crown the statue.  In conjunction with this ceremony, we have also celebrated Vespers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the evening.

These steps were also useful for the brief children's play this past Christmas, so that the children could stand on the steps and be visible to the whole church.   

May Crowning II
This year, the May Crowning took place Sunday Morning.

Holy Communion
During Mass, as usual, Communion is distributed under both forms, that is, also from the chalice.

San Rocco Oratory

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