San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Corpus Christi 1
From the left, here are Ken Ziccardi and Italo Petrongelli, exiting the Oratory building.

Corpus Christi 2
From the left, in the choir, are Bev Green, Sharon Billo, Frank Jobbe, Angelo Ciambrone, Rob Markionni, and Ken Ziccardi. Here, the Corpus Christi procession is moving to the west. Momentarily, the procession will turn to the right and move northward, down Portland Street to the stone walkway.

Corpus Christi Procession
That's Bob Marinucci on the right, as the procession advances northward towards the grotto.

Corpus Christi 3
Especially as the choir draws near the flanking congregation, people readily join in the refrain, "All glory, praise, and honor, to you, Redeeemer King. Hosanna, Son of David! To you your people sing."

The Corpus Christi Procession

After the Feast of  the Trinity, in Ordinary Time, the Roman Rite celebrates the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, long known as Corpus Christi.  Actually, it's Corpus et Sanguis Christi; but the shorter title is still widely in use.

A few years ago, Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, made the argument that we carry the Gospel Book in veneration, in procession.  Why not the Body of Christ, for much the same reason? 

So, on Corpus Christi, at the end of Mass, the San Rocco congregation moves in procession outside the church and goes to the grotto to the north.  During the procession, the choir sings the verses  to All Glory, Praise, and Honor, even in four-part harmony.  The people sing the refrain in unison after each verse, in response.    The procession is led by a cross-bearer.

Once at the grotto,  we sing O Saving Victim and Down in Adoration Falling, from the Leaflet Missal, on the inside back cover.  We then incense the Blessed Sacrament and are blest by it, as the bells are rung.  The priest then puts the monstrance, with the Blessed Sacrament, on the altar; he kneels down in front.  We then sing the Divine Praises, line by line, in responsorial format.  All stand, and we return in procession to the church building.

Corpus Christi 4
Leading the procession are Mike Prisco (left) and Frank Jobbe (right).

Singing of the Divine Praises, after benediction
Singing of the Divine Praises, after benediction.

Corpus Christi Recession
On the left are Sarah Cameli and Bob Marinucci. The cross-bearer (crucifer) is Paul Rodriguez. Incense-bearer (thurifer) is Italo Petrongelli. On the right are Peter DiMaggio and Marilyn Jobbe.

San Rocco Oratory

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