San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Michael O'Shaunessey, Nikko and Paul Rodriguez
As of September 26, 2004, the parents begin instruction classes with their children, in the new hall. Above are Michael O'Shaunessey, Nikko and Paul Rodriguez.

Josephine Monty, Rachel Wolter, and Mary Rodriguez
Above, from the left, are Josephine Monty, Rachel Wolter, and Mary Rodriquez.

Parents and their children on Sunday morning, in the new hall
On the left are Josh Graham and Joe DiMaggio. On the right are Vera DiMaggio and the Graham family.

Children's Religious Education

As of 2004, San Rocco began a religious education program for grade school children.  The parents requested this program, since their children were attending programs in various local parishes and were not sharing the same experience.  The parents themselves chose the time of instruction (9 a.m. Sunday morning) and looked at texts, especially from Benziger and Harcourt.  With the help of the Archdiocese of Chicago, the program took shape.  Bishop Perry said to go ahead.  Personnel from the Office of Catechesis gave advice and documentation.  Elinor Malone, religious education director from St. Emeric's in Country Club Hills, also gave advice; she was recommended by the Office of Catechesis.  The parents had a session with Tim Downs of Benziger; Father Gilligan also met with personnel from the Office of Catechesis.  From the beginning, the program had three teachers and one helper.  Paul and Mary Rodriguez attended training sessions on the north side, sponsored by the Archdiocese.  So, we got off to a good start.

Since 2004, another religious education program at San Rocco provided sacramental preparation for a number of children.  Lucy Czarnecki has been taking courses, provided by the Chicago Archdiocese, to enable her to help in this ministry.   In 2010, for example, Lucy worked with the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children.

San Rocco Oratory

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