San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Christmas Choir 2004
Christmas Choir 2004: From the left are Frank Jobbe, Nick Markionni, Angelo Ciambrone, Michael Padden, Rob Markionni, Ken Ziccardi. Also from the left are Marty Bramlette, director, Bev Green, Carol Dallesandro, Sharon Billo, Kelly Padden, Susan Baggio, Cesarina Planera, Luisa Pizzoferrato, and Anna Marie Christofanelli. Absent: Pat Hahto.

Entrance Procession
The Christmas Mass begins with the choir singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" in 4-part harmony, in the vestibule.

Entrance Procession continues
As the choir enters the church proper, they continue singing in four-part harmony.

Rob and Nick Markionni
Accompanied by Marty Bramlette, on her electronic keyboard, Rob and Nick Markionni perform a Christmas motet. That's St. Anthony on the wall.

Choir, on Holy Family Sunday, 2006
Dec. 31, 2006: Holy Family Sunday. First row of choir, from left: Bev Green, Sharon Billo, Luisa Pizzoferrato, Raven Hodge, Mary Jones, Cesarina Planera, and Sue Baggio. Second row, from left: Celeste Jones (director), Frank Giobbi, Sam Ciambrone, Tom Planera, Rob Markionni, and Ken Ziccardi. Absent: Marty Bramlette Hesse (in Thailand); Nick Markionni and Carol Dallesandro.

San Rocco Choir, before Christmas Mass
Before the Christmas Mass, the choir sings numerous carols, with the people.

Celeste Jones accompanies the choir on the organ; she also directs the singing.
Celeste Jones (right) directs the singing and accompanies the choir and congregation. St Rocco is in the back, in the center; he sings in the tenor section.

Gospel Procession on Christmas
Christmas Day, the Gospel Procession is more solemn, accompanied by the choir, singing the Madrigal Alleluia. Above, Paul Rodriguez, carrying incense, leads the procession.

Choir, Christmas, 2011
Choir, Christmas, 2011: two basses, two tenors, three altos, and five sopranos!

Christmas, 2005: carols before Mass
Christmas, 2005: from the back of church, before Mass begins, the choir sings Christmas carols.

Christmas, 2005: From the left are Nick Markionni, Louise Davis (in the pew), Angelo Ciambrone, Susan Baggio, Luisa Pizzoferrato, Ken Ziccardi, and Catherine Inucci.

Ken Ziccardi, in the bass section
From the left are Rob Markionni (obscured), Louise Davis, Ken Ziccardi, Paul & Nikko Rodriguez, August Anzelmo, and Catherine Inucci.

Christmas Mass: Marty Kabbes Hesse, pianist, and St. Rocco Choir
Christmas, 2007: Marty Kabbes Hesse, pianist, and the St. Rocco Choir. Even though some choir members are celebrating in other parishes today, there are sufficient singers in each section. Before Mass begins, the choir and people sing numerous Christmas carols.

Epiphany, 2008: harpist Nancy Dunagan, flautist Denise LaGiglia, and pianist Marty Hesse
Epiphany, 2008: harpist Nancy Dunagan, flautist Denise LaGiglia, and pianist Marty Hesse.

Christmas, 2009: Everybody sings!
Christmas, 2009: Everybody sings!

Christmas 2009 San Rocco Choir
Christmas 2009 San Rocco Choir. The Director is Celeste Jones, in white, with the red scarf.

Christmas, 2010. From the choir, above, are missing Tom Planera and Don Ternes.
Christmas, 2010. The San Rocco Choir. In the back, from the left, are Erin, Mary, Raven, Lou, and Rob. In the front, from the left, are Sharon, Carol, Bev, Steve, and Celeste. Missing are Tom Planera and Don Ternes.

Choir, Christmas, 2015
Christmas Choir 2015. In the soprano section, Madeline Clayton is missing; she did sing with the choir.

San Rocco Oratory

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