San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Easter 2004 Choir with Dawn DeVries
Easter 2004: From the left are Ken Ziccardi, Rob Markionni, Tom Planera, Angelo Ciambrone, Nick Markionni, and Frank Jobbe, Below are Dawn DeVries, guest soloist, Anna Marie Christofanelli, Caesarina Planera, Sharon Billo, Bev Green, adn Marty Bramlette, director and organist. Dawn sang "He Is Risen" after the Opening Prayer, before the First Reading. She and Anna Marie also sang the soprano part for the "Hallelujah Chorus" after the Communion hymn.

Easter 2006 Choir
Easter 2006 Choir

2007 Easter Choir at San Rocco
Easter 2007 Choir

Easter Sunday at St. Rocco
Easter Sunday at St. Rocco

Easter Choir; off camera are Luisa, Mary, Dawn, and Rob
Easter Choir: off camera are sopranos Luisa, Mary, and Dawn, as well as Rob, bass. From the left, above, are Marty (director), Pat, Sharon, Tom, Carol, Bev, Ken, Frank, and Sam. Pat Hahto was a special, welcome guest today.

Easter Sunday Sprinkling Rite
Easter Sunday, 2011: Sprinkling Rite, after the Profession of Faith

Before Easter Sunday Mass, 2011, every available place is occupied. Full House.
Before Easter Sunday Mass, every available place is taken: we have a full house.

Easter Sunday

As the high point of the liturgical year, Easter Sunday stands out in several ways.  After the austerity, fasting, and penance of Lent, on the first Sunday of Eastertime, the organ sounds again; the choir sings with full voice; and special songs are used.

After the Second Reading, on both Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday, a special hymn is sung by the congregation, the Sequence.  On other days, the Sequence is optional; on these two days, it is required.  Now, once again, we sing the Alleluia before the Gospel.  Incense may be used at both the Gospel and the Preparation of the Gifts.  On Easter Sunday, instead of the Creed, there is a dialogue for the profession of faith, followed by a sprinkling, accompanied by an appropriate hymn.  A special song may be added to the liturgy, for example, the Hallelujah Chorus after the Communion hymn.  Finally, at the end of Mass, the solemn dismissal is sung, with the double Alleluia.   

Easter Sunday at St. Rocco: Full House
Easter Sunday, 2008, at St. Rocco; we have an overflowing number of people present and participating. On the far left are Enza and Rosario Randazzo, in from New Jersey.

Here is the other half of the congregation on Easter Sunday, 2008
Here is the other half of the Easter Sunday congregation.

(from the left) Marty Hesse, Michael, Scczasny, and David Allie
From the left are Marty Hesse, Michael Szczasny, and David Allie.

Easter Choir, singing Sunday Morning
Here is the Easter Sunday Choir, singing (appropriately) Sunday Morning by Handel. "Let our eager, Easter voices sing it out, so he rejoices..." The soprano section is augmented by Pat Hahto, 4th from the left.

San Rocco Oratory

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