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of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Anthony Poerio:

Poerio baptism
Steven and Kristy Poerio, with baby Anthony, on the day of baptism, June 9, 2001.

Jack LoCascio:

Jack LoCascio
Above, immediately after his baptism in water, Jack LoCascio is anointed with oil blest by our bishop. He seems quite content.

John and Maria LoCascio with baby Jack
John and Maria LoCascio, with baby Jack. John's mother, Giovanna Incandela, is in the back.

John Max and Jake Ryan Santaniello:

Santaniello Baptism VI
From the left, above, are the parents, Dr. John Santaniello and Dr. Sun Min. Then come the godparents, Arla Ostberg, Kwang Min, Adriana Anderson, Fiorangelo Santaniello, and Teresa Bravo. Compari tutti!

Baptism of John Max Santaniello IV
Blessing of John Santaniello IV
At the end of the liturgy, there is a special blessing for the mother, the father, and for all of us. Above, Dr. Santaniello, father, receives a blessing.

Merissa Sebastian:

Profession of Faith for Merissa Sebastian
As part of their profession of faith, the parents and godparents answer "I do" to each of six questions. Above, they sing together the hymn, "Lord Jesus." From the left, these are Susan, Merissa, and David Sebastian, as well as the godparents, Mark Sebastian and Michelle Juliani.

Gathering around the altar
At the end of the baptism, the family gathers around the altar, for the Our Father and a final blessing. Above, Susan, the mother, holds her daughter, Merissa. The paschal candle in front of the altar, is lit.

Trevor Anthony DeButch:

DeButch baptism
From the left are Michael DeButch, godfather, Gina Candeloro DeButch, mother, Michael DeButch, father, and Anne Klos, godmother. The newly baptized baby is Trevor Anthony.

Matteo Jacob Vazquez:

Patricia Vazquez, holding candle
At the end of the liturgy of baptism, the family gathers around the altar, to say the Our Father together. Above, the mother, Patricia Vasquez, holding a candle, is standing between Joy Garcia, godmother, on the left, and Emilio Betancourt, godfather, on the right. This baptism took place at San Rocco on September 22, 2004.

Katelyn Wess

Baptism of Katelyn Wess
December 11, 2005: Baptism of Katelyn Wess: anointing with oil after the pouring of water.

Rocco DeBergh

April 15, 2007: Baptism of Rocco, son of Christy Brown and Jason DeBergh, on the right.
April 15, 2007: Baptism of Rocco DeBergh, son of Christy Brown and Jason DeBergh, on the right. This is the profession of faith by the parents and godparents. On the left are Michaelene Brown and Ryan DeBergh, godparents. Note that Rocco is paying attention, eagerly.

After baptism, parents and godparents hold a lit candle.
After the baptism, parents and godparents hold a lit candle. Again, note that Rocco is very interested in the flame.

Our Father, at the altar, at the end of the baptism liturgy.
At the end of the baptism liturgy, the people gather around the altar for the Our Father and a final blessing.

Jeremy Garcia 

Procession to the baptismal font
After the sermon, we sing the Litany of the Saints; the people respond "Pray for Us." Above, Paul Rodriquez leads the procession down the main aisle.

Procession to the font continues.
Carol Garcia carries her baby, Jeremy; Marcos, her husband, is to the right.

All sing
After the Profession of Faith, all sing "Lord Jesus, Shepherd." Above, from the left, are Father Gilligan, godparents Antonio and Rose Cipolla, the parents, and Jeremy. Mike Pena is on the right, holding a candle.

July 20, 2008: Baptism of Jeremy Garcia
Right after the baptism with water of Jeremy Garcia, all sing "Amen." They do the same after the anointing.

The family holds the candle, together.
Together, the family holds the candle, as a reminder of their faith, to be passed on to Jeremy.


Sincere congratulations to you, on the birth of your child.  Please accept our  welcome, as you plan to have your child baptized in the Catholic faith.  The San Rocco community rejoices with you and is privileged to share your joy.  We will do all we can to help you in your journey of faith and in your family life, according to your needs.

Your Preparation for Your Child's Baptism

Your Baby's BaptismThe baptism of adults forms our model for understanding this sacrament, followed, as it is, by confirmation and first Holy Communion.  Following ancient tradition, we also baptize babies, so that from the very beginning of their lives they come to know Jesus Christ, his teaching, and his Church.  As you know, this is the heritage also of the Orthodox Church and most mainline Christian Churches.  It means that we want to give our children every opportunity, every grace, and every support possible; from infancy, our children can belong to the Church and share its life. 

Although both confirmation and first Holy Communion, as of now, will be celebrated later for your child, in this time we want to look ahead to these sacraments as well as baptism.  Your preparation for baptism in  this  moment is also preparation for your child's life of faith, in the years to come.  That's why the role of the parents in the baptism celebration is so important.  You pledge to live your faith, in order to share it with your child as time goes by.

With regard to baptism of infants, it is usually best if they are baptized in the church where the Catholic parent(s) go to Sunday Mass.  This is so, in part, to help the family form a bond with the local parish, which would normally be the parents'  first community of faith.  However, those who wish to have a baby baptized at San Rocco may do so, with permission of their local pastor.  They should first meet with the rector, Father Gilligan, who may be reached at (708) 331-5845. 

At San Rocco Oratory, it is customary for the parent(s) to have such a meeting with the rector in any case.   This is the required baptism preparation session, found in most parishes today.  This meeting takes place in South Holland, at State Street and Taft (166th).  Here are directions. Go north on Halsted; turn east on 163rd for one mile. Enter by the black stairs on Taft; ring the doorbell. Call for an appointment.

You have to have at least one godparent who is a practicing Catholic, that is, a Catholic who goes to Sunday Mass regularly.  The role of such a godparent is to help the family raise the child Catholic. You can have any number of other godparents, of any persuasion, as you wish.

Together at BaptismOne excellent book is Together at Baptism by Robert Hamma. Another is Your Baby's Baptism by Rosemary Gallagher. These books were written just for parents who are preparing for the baptism of their child.  You can also get an excellent introduction to the sacraments of initation at the ACP Family Bookstore, with many valuable books on baptism.

How and When

On the day of baptism, say, Sunday, just come to Mass a little early; sit in the first pew, on the left.  There are some brief preparatory rites that take place right before Mass begins.  The baptism itself is celebrated after the sermon.  While a litany is sung, the family and godparents, with the child, go to the back of church in procession, to the baptistry, led by a server with a lit candle.   After the petitions, especially for the parents, the family, and the child, the litany of saints which follows usually includes the first names of the parents and godparents.  Usually, the reponse to the petitions is Lord, we beg you, hear our prayer.  The response to the litany of the saints is pray for us.  The whole congregation sings these responses with the parents and godparents.  This brief procession ends at the baptismal font.

There, we profess our faith and renew our baptismal vows.  With the parents and godparents, we answer "I do" to each of six questions. Usually, then, we sing the hymn Lord Jesus, to the tune of Amazing Grace.  After the words of baptism ("___, I baptize you..."), the people sing Amen.  Again, after the anointing, they sing Amen a second time.   Using a candle lit from the Easter candle, the parents and godparents accept the candle as a gift.

We then go back to the pews, as a hymn is sung by the congregation, usually, God through Water to the tune of Sing of Mary.  At the end of Mass, a special blessing is given to the mother, then the father, standing in front of the altar. 

Baptism, then, takes place at Sunday Mass, after the sermon, or apart from Mass, say, at 11:30, as you wish.  In general, it's good to celebrate baptism at Mass, so that your family enjoys the welcome of the community.  But the choice is yours.

Announcements to Be Mailed Out Beforehand

You may wish to send out custom printed announcements, ahead of time, to your friends and relatives.  You may also wish to include a photo of your new baby, as well as personal information you want to share.  To order such custom printed announcements, you can do so at Apex Custom Printing.  They will be glad to help you.  If you have never visited Apex previously, you can visit a convenient, online introduction, to make your ordering easier.

What Baptism Has to Do with Going to Mass

If neither parent goes to Mass at all, baptism at San Rocco Oratory perhaps should be postponed until at least one of the parents is churchgoing.  It is hard to raise a child Catholic in that situation; and baptism involves a new life for the child, in the Catholic faith.   If neither parent is a practicing Catholic, that sacrament will fail to have its intended effect.   However, the need to have the child baptized may help a parent return to the practice of the faith.  So, for this reason, we would need to meet and talk before the baptism takes place.

History of the LiturgyCatholics and Orthodox believe that regular attendance at Sunday Mass is essential to the Christian life.  That's our whole history.  Except for illness or other extenuating circumstance, Sunday Mass is the foundation of our faith. No amount of private prayer or Bible reading or virtuous life can compensate for a lack of participation in the sacramental life of the Church.  Baptism is intended to be an introduction to that sacramental life. Therefore,  at the time of baptism, it is important that at least one of the parents truly is practicing the faith, so that the child will not be deprived of what he or she needs, in years to come.

Jews believe that family prayer is essential. as well as keeping Saturday holy. Muslims believe that daily prayer, five times, with Friday meeting, is essential.  Both these traditions bind the men to such commandments.  The Christian faith, however, binds both men and women equally, to the Sunday Eucharist, faithfully.  Such an observance is not devout or pious; it is the minimum that is expected.   That is part of the meaning of the promises made at baptism by the parents and godparents.  Keeping the faith means participating in Sunday Mass, week after week, in any Catholic or Orthodox church.

For parents who go to Mass regularly, all this is nothing new; Sunday attendance would be taken for granted.  That family environment is what is presumed as the right context for infant baptism.

Luncheon Afterwards

Many families plan a luncheon after the liturgy of baptism.  If you wish, you are welcome to reserve our hall for this purpose, over on the east of the parking lot.  This hall has complete kitchen and dining facilities, with plenty of seating. 

To reserve this hall for your family's use, after the baptism, please call Yvette Betancourt at (708) 654-7497.  She will be happy to help you and to answer any questions you may have.

Roster of Baptisms at San Rocco Oratory:

1. Luciano Petrongelli, August 15, 1999, of Luciano Petrongelli and Rosa Graziano.

2. James Sullivan Reece, December 4, 1999, of James Sullivan and Renee Rees Sullivan.

3. Gabriel Andres Betancourt, July 16, 2000, of Andres Betancourt and Doris Valdez.

4. Alessandra Giulietta, July 30, 2000, of  Joseph Panici and Deanna Pagor.

5. Gianna Paolilli, June 3, 2000, of Joncarlo Paolilli and Rachel Blankenberger.

6. Ciana Maria Poerio, May 7, 2000, of Steven Poerio and Kristina Lynn Elardi.

7. Sebastian D'Onorio, August 6, 2000, of Armando D'Onorio and Melissa Quattrocchi.

8. Tyler Thomas Palanca, Oct. 29, 2000, of Joseph Palanca and Julie Pershey.

9. Alina Ila Palombi, December 3, 2000, of Tony Palombi and Alysa Koehler.

l0. Giana Carmen Mattio, December 17, 2000, of James Mattio and Elisa Brown.

11. James Nicholas Renzetti, February 18, 2001, of Jeffrey Renzetti and Laura Carey.

12. Anthony Michael Poerio, June 9, 2001, of Steven Poerio and Kristina Lynn Elardi.

13. Collin Patrick Sands, June 10, 2001, of Patrick Sands and Kimberly Sarek.

14. Gino Joseph Panici, July 15, 2001, of Joseph Panici and Heidi Patzer.

15. Dimitri Eugene Planera,  September 9, 2001, of Eugene Planera and Dalia Ojeda.

16. Jacalyn Petrelli, adult, already baptized, August 26, 2001:  Profession of faith and confirmation.

17. Alexandra Christine Bakker, November 18, 2001, of Justin Bakker and Lisa DiGiovanni.

18. Benjamin Thomas Palanca, March 31, 2002, of Patrick Palanca and Angela Henry.

19. Isabella Marie Palanca, March 31, 2002, of Patrick Palanca and Angela Henry.

20. Benjamin Xavier Hilgen, August 4, 2002, of David Hilgen and Katherine Vena.

21. Anthony Joseph Mattio, August 18, 2002, of James Mattio and Elisa Brown.

22. Jack Joseph LoCascio, August 25, 2002, of John LoCascio and Maria Pistone.

23. Janice Marie Melillo, May 11, 2003, of Ezias Malonado and Angela Melillo.

24. Julia Marie Sands, May 18, 2003, of Patrick Sands and Kim Sarek.

25. Joseph Panici, May 18, 2003, of Joseph Panici and Deanna Pagor.

26. Luca Pietro Randazzo, July 20, 2003, of Rosario Randazzo and Enza Incandela.

27. Matteo Petrongelli, August 31, 2003, of  Luciano Petrongelli and Rosa Graziano.

28. Kristopher Kalch, October 5, 2003, of Kristopher Kalch and Michelle Prisco.

29. Rose Granno, adult, already baptized, December 28, 2003:  Profession of Faith and confirmation.

30. David Hilgen, adult, already baptized, December 28, 2003:  Profession of Faith and confirmation.

31. Monica Garcia, adult, already baptized and confirmed, December 28, 2003:  Profession of Faith.

32. Jon Niemi, January 4, 2004, adult, of Raymond Niemi and Esther Heinonen; confirmation.

33. John Max Santaniello, January 25, 2004, of John Santaniello and Sun Min.

34. Jake Ryan Santaniello, January 25, 2004, of John Santaniello and Sun Min.

35. Marissa Christina Sebastian, April 18, 2004, of David Louis Sebastian and Susan Lynn Napoli.

36. Trevor Anthony DeButch, May 28, 2004, of  Michael DeButch and Gina Candeloro.

37. Sofia Josephina Pena, June 20, 2004, of Michael Pena and Sharon Prisco. 

38. Matteo Jacob Vazquez, August 22, 2004, of Arturo Reyes and Patricia Vazquez.

39. Gabriella Brianne Mattio, November 14, 2004, of Jamie Mattio and Elisa Brown. 

40. Phoebe Grace Krumdick, November 21, 2004, of Stephen Krumdieck and Nickol Fushi. (Variant in spelling of names is correct.)

41. Gabriella Maria Randazzo, January 16, 2005, of Rosario Randazzo and Enza Incandela.

42. Vincent Michael Kalch, March 27, 2005, of  Krisopher Kalch and Michelle Prisco.

43. Tomasino Amadio, June 5, 2005, of Thomas Amadio and Allison Hall.

44. Emilia Rosemarie Hilgen, July 31, 2005, of David Hilgen and Kathi Vena.

45. Paul Preuss, November 28, 2005, adult, baptized, confirmed, and given first Holy Communion.

46. Katelyn Wess, December 11, 2005, of Christopher Wess and Donna Petrelli.

47. Giovanna Locascio, January 1, 2006, of John Locascio and Maria Pistone.

48. MacKenzie Kathleen Linzmeier, March 5, 2006, of Brian Linzmeier and Renee Fares.

49. Joseph Carlo Krumdieck, May 28, 2006, of Stephen Krumdick and Nickol Fushi.  (Variant in spelling of names is correct.)

50. Gianna Marie Amadio, July 30, 2006, of Tom Amadio and Allison Hall.

51. Anthony David Sebastian, Sept. 17, 2006, of David Sebastian and Susan Lynn Napoli. 

52. Rocco August DeBergh, April 15, 2007, of Jason DeBergh and Christy Brown.

53. Dominic William Marinucci, June 17, 2007, of Robert Marinucci and Kristen Albano.

54. Daniel Ronald Peterson, June 8, 2008, of Daniel Peterson and Elizabeth Fushi.

55. Marissa Cristina Soto, July 12, 2008, of Bernardo Soto and Cristina Ayala.

56. Vanessa Cristina Soto, July 12, 2008, of Bernardo Soto and Cristina Ayala.

57. Jeremy Garcia, July 20, 2008, of Marcos Garcia and Carol.   

San Rocco Oratory

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