San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Installation of Father Gilligan as Rector of St. Rocco
July 2, 2000: Installation Ceremony at San Rocco. (from left:) Livingston Combo, Most Rev. Joseph Perry, Father Gilligan, the new rector of the San Rocco Oratory.

Sunday assembly at San Rocco Oratory
Sunday Assembly at San Rocco Oratory. Above, first row, from the left, Jean, Rosanne, & Greg Ciambrone, Maria & Ray Planera. Second row, from the left, Nick Markionni, Donna & Rick Thiernau, Pat & Bob Barker, Gene LaBelle, & Annette Nordstrom (obscured).

Mayor Ciambrone
Angelo Ciambrone, Mayor of Chicago Heights, here leads the assembly in rejoicing, over at the Mt. Carmel Club, immediately after the installation.

Choir at Christmas, 2000
At Christmas, 2000, the choir sang for the first time, under the direction of Father Gilligan. At this Mass, Most Rev. Joseph Perry presided. The following year, 2001, San Rocco was fortunate to welcome Marty Bramlette as a Music Director.

Bishop Perry, Christmas 2000
Christmas, 2000: Most Rev. Joseph Perry, preaching the sermon at Mass.

Our Lady of the New Millennium
Entitled "Our Lady of the New Millennium," this statue of Mary was transported here on a flatbed truck; from Sunday to Saturday, it was mounted in the grotto area. In 2000, Our Lady of the Millennium was here in July. In 2003, the statue was here from July 27 to August 2.

The Divine Mercy Devotion

Father SeraphimIn summer, 2000, San Rocco Oratory welcomed Father Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, who came to speak of the Mercy of God devotion and to lead the people in the chaplet.  Around 300 people gathered in the grotto area, where Father Seraphim spoke from a raised platform.   This devotion took place in the evening.  After personal testimony and the chaplet, Father Seraphim led further prayers inside the church building itself.

On Dec. 17, 2000, Father Charles Faso, OFM, visits San Rocco Oratory, for the baptism of Gianna Carmen Mattio, daughter of James and Elisa [Brown] Mattio.

Father Charles Faso, OFM
Father Charles Faso, OFM, who grew up at St. Agnes, Chicago Heights. Formerly pastor of St. Peter's, in downtown Chicago, he now gives missions and preaches in various places.

Choir in Panorama
Stacey Foster, Luisa Pizzaferrato (obscured), Bernice Christofanelli, Angela Palanca, Carol Dallesandro, Anna Marie Christofanelli,Sharon Billo, Angelo Ciambrone (obscured), Leonard Venditti, August Anzelmo, Thomas Planera, Nick & Rob Markionni, Frank Jobbe, Ken Ziccardi, and Father Michael Gilligan

San Rocco Oratory

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