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San Rocco Carnivale Dinner, 2014
San Rocco Carnivale, an elegant dinner, 2014.

San Rocco Carnivale Dinner, 2014
Joe Vega sings.

San Rocco Carnivale Dinner, 2014
Fred LoBue rejoices.

San Rocco Carnivale Dinner, 2014
Giuseppe Incandela eats.

Bishop Joseph Perry with those receiving confirmation
and First Communion, May 18, 20l4
Bishop Joseph Perry with those receiving confirmation and First Communion, May 18, 20l4.

Confirmation of Jose' Mejia.

April 13: Outside, in the grotto, we celebrate the blessing of palms, using the Leaflet Missal prayerbook.

The choir supports the singing of the people.

The entire congregation takes part in the ceremony, including the procession back to the church.

Easter Sunday, 2014. In the red sweater, in the foreground, is Joseph Petrongelli.

Everybody sings!

On Easter, the church is filled.

Americo Mascitti ("Racket"), chief usher and greeter for the past 70 years.

Celeste Jones, organist and choir director.

Choir, Easter, 2014.

[Wednesday, January 28] Funeral of Rose Prospero.

[Saturday, February 1] Funeral of Angelo Palombi. Presentation of Angel Giovanni. He has a Mass in church, followed by a gathering in the St. Anthony Hall.

[Saturday, February 8] Quincea�era of Enyssa Trevino.

[Monday, February 10] Funeral of Father Howard Tuite at Corpus Christi parish. There are about 40 priests concelbrating under the leadership of Bishop Perry.

[Tuesday, February 11] Knights of Columbus meet in the St. Anthony Hall. Their chaplain is Deacon Gene LaBelle.

[Saturday, March 1] Carnivale, in St. Anthony Hall.

[Ash Wednesday, March 5] Liturgy of the Word at three locations:

                    Prairie Green at Dixie Crossing,

                    The Park at Olympia Fields,

                    San Rocco Oratory.

[Friday, March 7] Tonight and every Friday during Lent, we celebrate Stations of the Cross and Vespers.

[Tuesday, March 11] Funeral of Noe Trevino.

[Sunday, March 16] Reunion of the DiGiovanni Clan with St. Joseph's Day Table.

[Thursday, March 20] Funeral of Salvador Vasquez, father of Patricia Vasquez. His parents come up from Mexico for the Mass.

[Saturday, April 12] Memorial Mass for Ernest Carboni, who was cremated. He was the son-in-law of Carl and Celia Baur.

[Thursday, April 17] Mass of the Last Supper, beginning the Triduum of the Paschal Season.

[Friday, April 18] Liturgy of the Word and Veneration of the Cross.

[Tuesday, April 22] Father Gilligan makes the annual report to Bishop Perry of the state of the parish.

[Saturday, May 10] Memorial Mass for Teresa Sassano, sister of Carol Dallesandro and Priscilla Fushi.

[Sunday, May 11] First confessions, before Sunday Mass.

[Sunday, May 18] Father Gilligan says 7:30 a.m. Mass at St. Joseph's, Homewood, to help out. At 10:30 a.m., at San Rocco, Bishop Perry presides at confirmation and First Communion. Deacon Dennis Rozak assists.

[Saturday, May 31] We celebrate the funeral of Joseph Petrongelli. He is survived by his wife, Lorraine, and three daughters, Sally, Jane and Alice.

[Monday, June 16 to Thursday, June 19] Priests' convocation in St. Charles, Illinois.

[Friday, June 27] Mauricio Desiderio and Mayra Gonzalez are married at San Rocco. A Mass will be celebrated Aug.22.

[Saturday, July 5] Quincea�era of Alexia and Breanna Jaime.

[Monday, July 7] Two large signs, 4 X 4, are posted on the soccer field, east of the grotto. These signs provide a welcome for our guests and some prudent rules for the use of the field.

[Sunday, July 13] After Mass, we celebrate the baptism of Sawyer Smith, child of James Smith and Gina Renzi.

[Monday, July 14] The funeral Mass for Gina Ristenpart is celebrated by the San Rocco community. She and her husband Fred have been faithful members of San Rocco for many years. For the past few years, they have lived at Brookdale, formerly The Park at Olympia Fields. Gina was an accomplished artist, seamstress, dress designer and violinist. She was proprietor of the Fashion Nook Clothing Store. Gina was 92. Deacon Bob Bonta, her nephew, helped with the celebration of the Mass and the committal at Assumption Cemetery. At Mass, Deacon Bonta proclaimed the Gospel, helped prepare the altar, and distributed Communion. Fittingly, Deacon Bob Bonta also gave an eloquent eulogy for Gina.

[Saturday, July 19] Quincea�era of Karen Gonzalez. Except for the sermon, the liturgy is entirely in Spanish. Karen's parents are Cesar and Beatrice. Some arrangements were made by Jose' and Patricia Vazquez, cousins.

[Sunday, July 20] After Mass, we celebrate the baptism of Viviana Patrizi, child of Louis Patrizi and Anna Marie Sabala. Louis is overseas, near Iraq, serving with the American military.

[Saturday, Aug. 2] Baptism of Daniella Medina, daughter of Monica Ochoa and Nicholas Medina.

[Sunday, Aug. 10] Today, for the San Lorenzo Festival, Mass is at 11:30 a.m., in English, Italian, and Latin. Opening procession begins at the Amaseno Lodge, on 24th Street, about 11 a.m. Mass at Brookdale is at 2 p.m. today only.

[Friday, August 15] Evening Mass for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

[Friday, August 22] Mayra Gonzalez and Mauricio Desiderio celebrate a Mass for their marriage, at San Rocco Oratory.

[Saturday, Aug. 30] We celebrate the baptism of Cadence Rose Hickey, grandchild of Mike & Rhonda Prospero. The family is here from Indonesia. The parents are Ed Hickey and Carly Prospero Hickey. Godparents are Christopher James and Rachelle Salvo. During the liturgy, we sing the hymn Lord Jesus (# 611 in the hymnbook), to the tune of Amazing Grace. Nathan, the 2-year old brother of Cadence, was baptized in December, 2011, also here at San Rocco.

[Saturday, Sept. 20] Eloisa Flores, Quincea�era!

[Saturday, Oct. 4] 11 a.m. Memorial Mass for Frances (Zeuberis) Giergielewicz. Her daughter is Barabara Jean DiGiovanni, a cousin of the Barbara DiGiovanni of the San Rocco family. At the age of 93, Frances died in Mesa, Arizona, Sept. 8.

[Sunday, Oct. 12] Spaghetti dinner originally scheduled for today is postponed. At 2 p.m. today, Kathryn LaMear gives a recital at Infant Jesus church. Kathryn sang soprano in our choir several times; she has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in voice. Her father, Dr. Mantoan, regularly provides an ad in our parish bulletin; we welcome his support.

[Sunday, Oct. 19] 4 p.m. Memorial Mass for Frank Jobbe, in lieu of a wake and funeral. Frank sang for many years in the San Rocco choir and was a faithful member of the San Rocco community. He was a devout Catholic. His sons, Mario and Frank, helped prepare the liturgy, thoughtfully selecting the readings. Jeanette Dandurand led the singing and sang verses of the Psalms. She also accompanied three songs on the organ, as necessary to help the people. According to our tradition, all other singing was a cappella. There were perhaps 330 people present, filling the church and vestibule: standing room only. Ken Ziccardi gave a fitting eulogy, after the opening prayer, before the First Reading. Frank was 72 years old; he died Friday, Oct. 17, at home. His wife, Marilyn, survives him.

[Monday, Oct. 27] 11 a.m. funeral for Lando Vitelli, another faithful member of the parish. Deacon Ray Deabel presided at a Liturgy of the Word, at Panozzo Funeral Home. Mayor Ciambrone and Father Gilligan attended. Lando was 97 years old. He was a World War II veteran.

[Saturday, Nov. 1] This year, All Saints is not a holyday of obligation. Therefore, the San Rocco community will not celebrate Mass today.

[Sunday, Nov. 2] Since All Souls' Day is celebrated today, in place of the Sunday in Ordinary Time, we have the opportunity to sing certain songs normally used only at funerals: Eternal Rest, Father, Make Your Mercy Known, May Light Eternal, May Saints of Old, and May God Welcome Him in Glory. These songs have been in use at San Rocco since 2000 and are by now familiar to many people.

Also, today, in the vestibule, there is a table of remembrance, with photos, cards, and other mementos of the faithful departed. You can bring such items for the table, as you wish, during this month. Just leave them there.

[Sunday, Nov. 9] At 11:20, over in the St. Anthony Hall, you are welcome for coffee, donuts, etc. This hospitality event is planned to take place on the second Sunday of each month.

September 20: Eloisa Flores, Quincea�era!

[Monday, Nov. 10] Our new bishop, Blaise Cupich, is welcomed at Holy Name cathedral, downtown, by the priests of our diocese. It is a Liturgy of the Word, followed by a reception.

[Wednesday, Nov. 12] The Heinz Werning crew comes to give the St. Anthony Hall a thorough cleaning and to re-wax the floor. It's a big job.

[Saturday, Nov. 22] At Brookdale, we hold a memorial service for those who have died in the past year; the service is interfaith, for all those present. At 4 p.m., in the St. Anthony Hall, there is a birthday celebration for Adolfo Rodriguez. This surprise party was arranged by his daughter, Magda Hernandez.

[Thursday, Nov. 27] Thanksgiving Day Mass at 9 a.m.

[Friday, Nov. 28] Cindy Perez helps arrange a silver wedding anniversary Mass for Irma & Martin Chavez. Diego, their son, reads the First and Second Reading. All the songs, readings and prayers are in Spanish. From St. Paul's parish, nearby, comes a choir, with guitars, to help the singing. Everybody sings.

[Wednesday Dec. 3] The Amaseno Lodge holds a buffet dinner for $25 per person. Call (708) 557-2733 for more information. The lodge is located at Union and 24th, Chicago Heights. The event is titled "Sapori di Natale," flavors of the Christmas Season.

[Monday, Dec. 8] At 10 a.m., we celebrate Mass for the feast of the Immaculate Conception; it's a holyday of obligation.

[Sunday, Dec. 14] You are welcome for coffee and donuts, over at the St. Anthony Hall, from 11:15 a.m.

Anointing of the Sick, at Brookdale, with one priest and two deacons.

San Rocco sanctuary, Christmas, 2014.

Christmas Choir: 8 women, 4 men.

Dec. 28, 2014: baptism of Bianca Maria and Giuliana Lucia, twin daughters of John and Nancy [Cioe] Cournane.

San Rocco Oratory

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