San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Msgr. John Canary, Vicar General of the Chicago Archdiocese
Msgr. John Canary, Vicar General of the Chicago Archdiocese.

Rosario Panici
Rosario Panici

blizzard 2011
Blizzard of 2011

Holy Thursday at San Rocco, 2001
Here is the image for the new sign, near the church building of San Rocco Oratory. That's Bishop Perry in the middle of the people.

Mr Richard Goode, Director of Planned Giving
Mr Richard Goode, Director of Planned Giving for the Chicago Archdiocese

Carnivale, March 5, 2011
Carnivale, March 5, 2011, on the Saturday before Lent, in St. Anthony's Hall.

There are 94 people at the carnivale, a good crowd.
There are 94 people at the carnivale, a good crowd. The food is catered by Scrementi's Restaurant, Steger. People are delighted with the family style cuisine and the service. The tiramasu dessert is especially good.

Frank Rossi and Sharon Billo
Entertainment is by Frank Rossi and Sharon Billo, both professionals.

Before Easter Sunday Mass, 2011, every available place is occupied. Full House.
Before Easter Sunday Mass, every available place is taken: we have a full house.

Easter Sunday Sprinkling Rite
Easter Sunday, 2011: Sprinkling Rite, after the Profession of Faith

The following hymn is sung by all the people, as the main element in the final commendation.

1. May God welcome her in glory,

and the Father's praise increase,

for the blessings given her at birth,

for the love we shared with her on earth,

God, grant her rest and peace;

God, grant her rest and peace.

2. O Lord, we will surely wander;

yet, wherever we might roam,

we remember how she laughed and cried,

how her faith was firm and never died.

Lord, bring her safely home;

Lord, bring her safely home.

3. The life we have lived is ending,

and the world we know will cease.

Yet the love we lived in our eyes,

and the hope of heaven never dies.

God, grant her rest and peace;

God, grant her rest and peace.

Copyright (c) 1992 American Catholic Press. All rights reserved.

Bruce Bishkind, Lou, and Robert Anselmo have laboriously renovated the grotto area; they call this the
Bruce Bishkind, Lou, and Robert Anselmo have laboriously renovated the grotto area; they call this the "Lord's garden."

July 31, 2011: Blessing of Mrs. Angeline Rufo/Cipolla
July 31, 2011: Blessing of Mrs. Angeline ("Angie")Rufo/Cipolla, 102 years old. She is the mother of Rosemary Cipolla; her grandchildren are Mary and Lou; her niece is Annette Rufo/Nordstrom. (That's Mary Kay Pignotti on the right; she's happy.)

The San Lorenzo celebration is organized by the Amaseno Lodge.
The San Lorenzo celebration is organized by the Amaseno Lodge, 24th & Union, where the Sunday procession begins. It is August 7, 2011.

St Lawrence
St. Lawrence

St Rocco
San Rocco. That's Mayor Sam Ciambrone, on the right. On the far left, the man with the splendid sash is Enzo Popollo. Pushing the cart, the man with the blue shirt is Giuseppe Panichi, brother of Judge Luciano Panichi. (This is an alternate spelling of the family name.)

State Representative Anthony DeLuca, on the right.
That's State Representative Anthony DeLuca on the right. He likes to take pictures, too. On the left are Dominic Candeloro and Italo Petrongelli. In the front, the man with the white shirt is Judge Panichi, brother of Giuseppe.

On the left, Gene Planera. On the right, Mr & Mrs Phil Faso.
On the far left, Gene Planera. On the far right, Mr & Mrs Phil Faso.

Fire truck from Chicago Heights
Here's a fire truck from Chicago Heights, sirens sounding. Half an hour ago, by the way, there was a violent rainstorm in South Holland. All morning, however, Chicago Heights has enjoyed bright sunlight.

On the left is Father Gilligan, in red, commemorating the martyr St. Lawrence.
On the left is Father Gilligan, in red, commemorating the martyr St. Lawrence. On the right are two candlebearers and a crucifer, Jessica.

Marco Bravo and Rita Planera carry the bread.
Marco Bravo and Rita Planera carry the bread, to be blest later, during the Eucharistic Prayer.

Mr & Mrs Armando Zomparelli
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Zomparelli; somehow, they got to carry the bread, by the time this photo was taken. On the left, with the cool umbrella, is Sandra Ziccardi. To the right is Frank Jobbe. To the right (his left)is Marilyn Jobbe.

Dominic Candeloro & August Anzelmo
Dominic Candeloro & August Anzelmo

Judge Panichi
Judge Panichi: "Viva San Lorenzo"

Madeline Clayton and Daniel Pizzoferrato
Madeline Clayton and Daniel Pizzoferrato

August 28, 2011: For the baptism of Nadia Martinez, the parents and godparents gather at the font.
August 28, 2011: For the baptism of Nadia Martinez, the parents and godparents gather at the font. Here, after the profession of faith, they sing with the congregation the hymn, Lord Jesus.

During the baptism, the entire congregation joins in the singing.
During the baptism, the entire congregation joins in the singing. They turn and stand, facing the font.

After the baptism, the parents and godparents together hold a candle, lit from the Easter candle.
After the baptism, the parents and godparents together hold a candle, lit from the Easter candle. This lit candle sympolizes the light of faith.

Here, before the baptism, the parents and godparents profess their faith.
September 11, 2011: We celebrate the baptism of Julian Serrato, again at Sunday Mass. Here, the parents and godparents profess their faith. They answer "I do" to each question. You can see the top of Julian's head, right behind the baptismal font; he's four years old.

The parents and godparents sing the hymn, Lord Jesus
With the choir and congregation, the parents and godparents sing the hymn, Lord Jesus.

[Jan. 17] Msgr. John Canary, Vicar General of the Chicago Archdiocese, meets with local priests at St. Kieran's parish.  He reports on priorities of the diocese and gets feedback from the clergy.  Several priests suggest that administrative procedures are burdensome for small parishes and oratories.   For these communities, diocesan deductibles and taxes are also said to be disproportionate and regressive.  

[Jan. 18] Father Gilligan meets with Father Bill O'Donnell (Mundelein Seminary, class of 1979).  Father O'Donnell, pastor of St. Philip's, was concerned when San Rocco was damaged by fire in 2007; he and his parish had prayed for our community and offered to help.  Lou Anselmo of our choir works with a member of St. Philip's; that's the connection. 

[Saturday, Jan. 29] A memorial Mass is celebrated at 11 a.m. for Rosario Panici.  His son, John (Giovanni), and daughter-in-law, Sarah (Rosaria), take part with their family; they are from New Lenox.  Dario, their son, reads the first reading.  Joe, Rosario's nephew, and Heidi Panici are also participating, with their family; they are from St. John, Indiana.  The widow, Filomena, also takes part.

[Feb. 1] A massive blizzard begins this evening, causing the finance committee meeting to be postponed.  Locally, we end up with 18-22 inches of snow.

[Sunday, Feb. 7] Thanks to Joe Incandela, the San Rocco parking lots are clear, even of the snow that fell this morning.  The entranceway to the front door of the church is also clear.

[Feb. 8] Father Gilligan confers with Father Michael  Ahlstrom, Vicar for the Diaconate in the Chicago Archdiocese.  For perhaps the third time, Father Ahlstrom promises to do what he can, to get a deacon assigned to San Rocco Oratory.  ("As one brave widow pressed her claim . . . ") 

[Feb. 14-17] Local priests are on retreat, up at Mundelein.  The director is John Cavadini, Ph.D., theology professor at Notre Dame University. 

[Feb. 22] The San Rocco finance committee meets with several items on the agenda. (1)  The committee considers whether we should recommend to the community the use of electronic, automated donations on a regular basis.  This is the recommendation of the Chicago Archdiocese. The committee accepts the idea.  (2)  The diocese is proposing that a sign be posted on church property, encouraging people to remember San Rocco Oratory, in their planned giving. The committee agrees but does not want the sign posted on the side of the building.  Instead, it should be mounted on posts, says Gene DaCorte. (3) The committee considers whether or not we should have a second collection for Christmas and Easter flowers. The committee does not think so. Instead, we can have a special committee set up for this purpose, perhaps with a container by the door, for donations, says John Graham. (4)  We also evaluate ads on the back page of the Sunday bulletin.  Pete Ruhl has sent out letters and invoices; let us see what happens.  The bulletin, edited by Jeanette Dandurand, is excellent; people should support it. (5) Finally, we review guidelines for use of the hall, named after St. Anthony.  Yvette Betancourt has gathered norms from contracts of local parishes, for our own consideration.  We  consider how to apply these guidellines, for example, to those who no longer are active. .

[Sunday, Feb. 27]  At 11:30 a.m., about 25 people show up,  at a special seminar in St. Anthony's Hall, on the east side of the main parking lot.  First, Mr. David Zimmerman, vice president of Charter One Bank,  explains financial planning, especially for senior citizens.  The bank, which has long taken care of San Rocco's accounts, provides personal financial planning, home equity loans, credit cards, and other services.  Second, Mr. Richard Goode, of the Chicago Archdiocese Stewardship Department, helps us understand better how to plan ahead, for a lasting legacy.  Mr. Goode discusses planned giving, including annuities, trusts, and wills.  He also discusses the benefits of giving wisely.  Free literature is distributed; coffee and cookies are made available, at a side table, thanks to David Zimmerman.

[Saturday, March 5] At 11 a.m., we celebrate the funeral of Giuseppe Cipolla, at San Rocco Oratory.  He was the brother of Tony & Mario Cipolla, Eva Planera, and Anna Palombi.  Because of the weather, the usual opening procession is omitted.  After the introductory rites and the opening prayer, Giuseppe's oldest son, Giuliano, gives a eulogy, in both Italian and English.  The readings are presented by Daniel and Mario Cipolla.  Jessica Probst serves; Jeanette Dandurand leads the singing; and Paul Preuss helps with Communion.  Because of cremation, the final commendation and the committal are combined, at the end of the liturgy.

The annual Carnivale ("farewell to meat")  is scheduled for the oratory.  Mayor Ciambrone has organized a planning committee, which has selected this date, just before Lent begins, the following Ash Wednesday.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  At 7 p.m. dinner begins, catered by Scrementi's.  Wine is served with dinner.  After dinner, Sharon Inucci Billo  sings, accompanied by Frank Rossi on the piano.  (Tickets are $35 per person.   People made reservations after Mass on Sunday, Feb. 27, or by phone with Priscilla Fushi at (708) 747-5117.)  We have a good crowd for this dinner:  94 people.

[March 9] Today is the deadline for making reservations for the July 13 pilgrimage with Bishop Perry.  See below.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy of the Word is at 7 p.m. at San Rocco Oratory.  Ashes are distributed at the end of this brief liturgy.

[Friday, March 11] Today and on the following Fridays of Lent, we pray the Stations of the Cross and Vespers, at 7 p.m. 

[Sunday, March 27] At Sunday Mass, Msgr. Igino Bonanotte concelebrates.  He says a few words in Italian, after the sermon.  Msgr. Bonanotte also presents to the oratory a chalice he had donated ten years ago; it has now been regilded and restored. 

 In St. Anthony's Hall, there is a chili fundraiser for La Loma Reach program, an organized effort to provide sound recreation for children.  $6 per person.

First Sunday of Lent
On the First Sunday of Lent, Mass attendance is increased by the presence of many members of the DiGiovanni clan. They hold a reunion today, in conjunction with a St. Joseph Table. Note above those with red shirts; they are of the DiGiovanni family.

[Thursday, April 14] The finance committee meets today in South Holland.  We welcome finished copies of the new lease for renting the hall. 

[Friday, April 15] Stations and Vespers tonight conclude with benediction.

[Holy Thursday, April 21] The choir sings for the Mass of the Lord's Supper, including Were You There.  Afterwards, a final rehearsal is held for Easter; they have been practicing for weeks.

[Sunday, April 24] San Rocco Oratory is filled for the First Sunday of Easter; every seat is taken.  The choir, in full voice, today has 5 men and 5 women.  Three of the choral songs are by George F. Handel: Sunday Morning,  Praise the Lord (requested by Celeste Jones), and Hallelujah.  Amen.  The latter two are from Judas Maccabeus.  For the Gospel Acclamation, the choir sings the Palestrina Alleluia.  The same Alleluia is also sung after the Gospel.  The usual acclamations by Bortniansky are sung after the Eucharistic Prayer and before Communion:  We Bring You Praise and One Is Holy.  The choir also helps the people sing the usual Prayer of the Faithful, Lord, we beg you, hear our prayer, after each petition; this prayer is sung in four parts, by the congregation.  The Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei are sung by the people in Greek and Latin, as is customary for us in Eastertime.   All in all, the Easter Mass is a great celebration.

[Tuesday, May 10]  May devotions are held in the church at 7 p.m.

[Saturday, May 21] A memorial Mass is held at noon for Lucia Bullaro Niles.   She died April 20, at the age of 63.  Her cremains are in an urn, on a table at the head of the middle aisle.  The church is filled to overflowing; every seat is taken.  Additional chairs are set up in the back of the building. Tommy, her brother, takes care of many of the arrangements.  During the Mass, Jamie reads a poem in her memory, and Jeannie gives a brief eulogy, before the First Reading. The first two Scripture readings are proclaimed by Marie. Tom Essig serves the Mass and helps with Communion. Gay Essig and Nick DiGiovanni also help. After the Postcommunion prayer, all are seated.  Lucia's widower, Robert, has a special song played; after that, he says a few words, thanking people for coming.  Then follow the Final Commendation and the Committal, as usual, with the song May God Welcome Her in Glory. Afterwards, all gather in the St Anthony Hall for a luncheon. 

[Pentecost Sunday, June 12] A solemn Mass today includes a special sequence from the Leaflet Missal prayerbook and several choir motets, among them the Madrigal Alleluia and Hallelujah Amen (Handel).  Incense is used, as on the First Sunday of Easter.

[Tuesday, June 14] At choir rehearsal, Celeste practices Panis Angelicus (Franck) and Ave Verum (Mozart); there are two people in each section.    So far, so good,

[Friday, June 24] Frank Pagoria's ashes are interred at Homewood Memorial Gardens, at 2 p.m.  Friends and relatives gather afterwards at the St. Anthony Hall.

[Sunday, June 26] At Sunday Mass, we celebrate the baptism of Adriana, daughter of Tom Camilleri and Michelle Perillo.  During Mass, the choir sings Panis Angelicus and Ave Verum. Afterwards, the congregation processes outside, to the grotto.  On the way there, the people sing Alleluia; there, we sing the usual benediction hymns, O Saving Victim, Down in Adoration, and Blest Be God; on the way back, the people sing the refrain All Glory, Praise, and Honor, while the choir sings the verses in four parts.

[June 27 to 30] Over 400 priests of the Chicago Archdiocese spend time in St. Charles at a convocation with Cardinal George.  Speakers include Matthew Kelly and Father Robert Barron.  Our diocesan bishop will submit his resignation (due to age) in January, 2012, so this will probably be his last convocation.

[July 10]  Father Tommaso Petrongelli, in from India, presides and preaches at Sunday Mass.  Celeste plays the organ; Steve leads the singing; and Father Gilligan plays hooky.

[July 13 to July 21] Bishop Perry leads a pilgrimage to Rome.  On this trip, pilgrims visit Orvieto, Assisi, Cascia, Lanciano, and Rome.  There, the group visits major basilicas (important churches), maybe a papal audience, and such ancient sites as the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.  Optional tours are offered of the Vatican Museum and the catacombs.

[Wednesday, July 13] At Bethania Cemetery, 79th & Archer, we hold a brief committal ceremony for the ashes of Warren Daubenspeck.  His son, Keith, made the arrangements. There are eleven people present.  Photos of Warren and his wife, Yvonne, are in the San Rocco 2004 directory.

[July 17] Father Petrongelli again presides and preaches.  Father Gilligan is with the choir.  Everything is a cappella.

[Tuesday, July 19] The finance committe meets this evening, this time at St. Anthony Hall.  This is the first time Pete Ruhl has seen the hall; he wanted to meet there today.  The committe approves the 2012 budget, already submitted to the Chicago Archdiocese. The annual report is due August 2.  The committee unanimously spoke well of the new sign outside the oratory.  John Graham suggested that we should regularly suggest to people, for example, in the bulletin, to "Remember San Rocco Oratory in your will."  Gene DaCorte had asked that the new sign be mounted on posts, rather than affixed to the wall of the church building; all agreed that this decision was wise.  Richard Goode of the Archdiocese had also recommended a slighly smaller sign than usual; this too was welcomed.  The committee spent considerable time evaluating use of the soccer field, on the north side of 21st Street.  We will develop norms for the use of this field.  Yvette Betancourt announced that she found someone to translate our hall lease into Spanish.  She will also come up with a bilingual sign for the hall, making use policies more public.  She reported on the more extensive use of the hall this year, to the benefit of the oratory.  The committee also evaluated the present fee structure, for further improvement.

[Sunday, July 24] A graduate of Milliken, Megan Murray directs the choir and accompanies hymns on the piano.  With only six singers, the choir does remarkably well.  Megan does a great job.

[Saturday, July 30] In South Holland, in the chapel there, a memorial Mass is celebrated at 5:30 for the late Warren Daubenspeck.

[Thursday, August 4] William Reichert is buried today, with a funeral Mass at St. Liborius Church in Steger, 10 a.m.  Although they were faithful members of San Rocco Oratory, Bill and Gerry decided that the funeral should be in a larger building, to accommodate the number of people expected to come. 

[Friday, August 5] The Italian Fest begins at 5 p.m., at the Amaseno Lodge, 114 24th Street, Chicago Heights. Your choices are calamari, chipino, chicken marsala, goat, and tripe.  (Yes, tripe!) Sandwiches, too. Closing is at 11:30 p.m.

[Saturday] From 5 to 11:30 p.m., the fest continues. Your choices are chicken romano, lasagna, goat, and more tripe. Today, Giovanni Santiago is baptized; his parents are Juan Santiago and Maria Espinoza.

[Sunday, August 7] For the San Lorenzo Festival, as usual, the procession begins about 11 a.m. at the Amaseno Lodge, at 24th & Union.  Mass, with both Italian and Latin, begins about 11:30.  The Amaseno Italian Fest continues at the Amaseno Lodge, from 1 to 11 p.m.  Spaghetti and giblets are featured.

[Monday, August 15] This year, note that today, the Feast of the Assumption, is NOT a holyday of obligation; there is no Mass at San Rocco today.

[Sunday, August 28] At Mass, Nadia Martinez is baptized.  Her parents are Jose Martinez and Natalie Cipolla.

[Sunday, September 4] Again at Mass, Julian Serrato is baptized. His parents are Jose Serrato and Elisa Gutierrez. 

[September 5] We celebrate the funeral of Antonette Sebastian, mother of David and Mark.  David was general contractor for the church building of San Rocco Oratory; he also built the baptistry and the confessional.  For the funeral, we had two musicians: Jeanette Dandurand and Christine Tarrant. 

[September 14] Lucy Czarnecki and Mary Rodriguez meet with Father Gilligan to plan the religious education program for this year.  We will have at least seven children involved.


Guests, July 3l, 2011: (from right) Father Jacob Thekeparmil, Korah & Lila Polachira, next to Father Gilligan
July 31, 2011 (from the left): Father Gilligan, Lila & Korah Polachira, and Father Jacob Thekeparampil, from Kottayam, Kerala, India. Lila is Father Jacob's sister; her family lives in Plainfield, Illinois.

Fred LoBue, usher, left, offers a bulletin to the clergy.
Fred LoBue, usher on the left, offers a bulletin to the clergy. Note what time the 10 a.m. Mass is starting. In the center, above, Father Jacob Thekeparmpil joins in singing the opening hymn. He is the founder and director of the St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute.

The choir sings the opening hymn with the people.
The choir sings the opening hymn with the people, "See Us Lord, around Your Altar."

Father Jacob, carrying the Gospel Book in procession.
Father Jacob, carrying the Gospel Book in procession. The server, carrying the candle, is Mike Pena.

After singing the Gospel, Father Jacob venerates the Gospel Book
After singing the Gospel, Father Jacob venerates the Gospel Book.

After the sermon, the choir sings a hymn with the people.
After the sermon, the choir sings a hymn with the people, "Shepherd of Souls." For the petitions, the choir helps the people sing "Lord, we beg you, hear our prayer" in four-part harmony.

After the petitions, the prayer of the faitfhul, the altar is prepared. The corporal is spread, and the chalices are put on the altar.
After the petitions, the prayer of the faithful, the altar is prepared. The corporal (white cloth) is spread, and the chalices are put on the altar. After a hymn, the choir sings the "Ave Verum" by Mozart. The director, Celeste Jones, is off-camera.

At the conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer, the consecrated bread and wine are elevated. The people sing Amen.
At the conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer, the consecrated bread and wine are elevated. The people sing Amen, then "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." After the priest's chanting of "We offer you what is your own," the choir then sings "We Bring You Praise."

Father Jacob helps with Communion.
Father Jacob helps with Communion. Mary Kay Pignotti here is about to receive from the chalice. (That's St. Rocco in the background.)

Father Jacob introduces himself and sings a Syriac hymn.
After Communion, Father Jacob introduces himself and sings a Syriac hymn. He is of the Malankar Rite of the Catholic Church. This rite has its origins in West Syria and uses a language close to Aramaic.

Before Mass begins, people get a copy of the Sunday bulletin.
Before Mass begins, people get a copy of the Sunday bulletin, which includes news about the San Lorenzo celebration.

She's got a bulletin, too.
She's got a bulletin, too.

Mary Jones, singing the Responsorial Psalm
After the First Reading, Mary Jones sings the verses of the Responsorial Psalm.

The San Rocco Choir sings Sunday Morning
During the Preparation of the Gifts, the San Rocco Choir sings the Mozart "Ave Verum," then "Benediteci," with the people.

At the Our Father
At the Our Father, the people hold their hands up in prayer, as suggested in 1984, by the Italian Bishops' Conference.

Jose and Patricia Vasquez celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, at San Rocco Oratory
On Saturday, August 27, Jose and Patricia Vasquez celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Most of the Mass is in Spanish, including the readings, songs, and prayers. Afterwards, the family continues the celebration next door, in the St. Anthony Hall.

Here, after Mass, the couple process out of the church building.
Here, at the end of Mass, the couple processes out of the church building. Their family is happy to celebrate with them.

[Oct. 5] On Wednesday evening, choir rehearsals begin.  Celeste Jones has much new music selected, especially for Advent and Christmas.

[Oct. 21] At the American Catholic Press annual benefit, Tom Dreesen receives the Gratiam Dei Award, for his philanthropy and service to the community.  Dr. Richard Moutvic receives the Henry Hyde Award, for his pro-life dedication and competent care, as a physician.  Tom Dreesen and Dr. Moutvic are well known to many in the community. Tom grew up in Harvey.  Dr. Moutvic was on the staff of St. James Hospital for half a century, as an obstetrician and gynecologist.

[Oct. 30] The Advent issue of the Leaflet Missal prayerbook provides an introduction to the new texts soon to come into use.  The current translation, for November, is on the left page; the new translation, on the right.  Beginning today, the songs used in the liturgy reflect the themes of Advent, centered on the end of time and the Second Coming of Christ.  For the preparation of gifts, the choir sings People, Look East.

On this day, too, Lucy Czarnecki sets up a table of remembrance in the vestibule, as she did last year.  This table displays photos and other items commemorating the faithful departed.

[Nov. 1] All Saints Day Mass is at 7 p.m.

[Nov. 13] A group of volunteers has organized a frittata for today.  After Mass, about 11:15 a.m., people are welcome at the St. Anthony Hall.  Food and drinks aplenty.

[Wednesday, Nov. 16] The finance council meets at the St. Anthony Hall, from 6 to 8 p.m.; we welcome members of the Coleman Group.  Local pastors and their finance committees are also invited to hear about the Resource Renewal Program of the Chicago Archdiocese.  The meeting begins with an audio-visual presentation by Vish Vass.  Patrick Coleman himself will be there, for questions and answers. 

[Nov. 24] Thanksgiving Mass is at 9 a.m., to allow time to cook the bird.

[Dec. 11] After Mass, we celebrate the baptism of Domenico Robert Camilleri, child of Tommaso and Jennifer Camilleri.

[Dec. 25] At the Christmas Mass, copies are distributed of Matthew Kelly's book, Rediscovering Catholicism.  This book is said to be an excellent tool for evangelization and renewal of faith.  Free.  Free.  The church building is filled, and the collection reaches an all-time high.  There are numerous visitors, from New Jersey (Rosario & Enza) and elsewhere.  The choir sings three songs before Mass and several during Mass, in four parts.  There are eight women and four men, including Tom Panici.

[Friday, Dec. 30] Nathan Edward Hickey, child of Carly Prospero & Edward Hickey, is baptized in the evening.  Carly is the daughter of Mike & Ronda Prospero.  The late Victoria Prospero was Mike's aunt.  Remarkably, to date, we have still had hardly any snow.  The ground is dry; the streets are clear.


Choir, Christmas, 2011
Choir, Christmas, 2011: two basses, two tenors, three altos, and five sopranos!

Richard Goode, director of planned giving, stands next to the San Rocco sign he promoted.
Richard Goode is the director of planned giving for the Chicago Archdiocese. Here, he stands next to the San Rocco sign he promoted for our community. The sign says "Remember San Rocco Oratory in your will."

San Rocco Oratory

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