San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

St George Orthodox Church, Monee, Illinois
St George Coptic Orthodox Church, Monee, Illinois

Gene Planera dances the Tarantella.
At the celebration of Tom Planera's birthday, on February 11, his brothers Gene (in red sweater) and Livio (far right) exhibit their vitality and vigor. In contrast, on the far left, Joe Grilli is sitting down, resting.

Vespers during Lent
At Vespers, during the Magnificat ("How Great Is God"), as the people sing, the altar and then the congregation are incensed.

Votive Mass for Doreen DiGiovanni
During Lent, on Saturday, a special Votive Mass is offered for the good health of Doreen DiGovanni. Her extended family prays together for her intention.

Above, during the singing of the Prayer of the Faithful, the General Intercessions, the people kneel down. This is our custom on the weekdays of Lent, as at Lenten Vespers. On Sundays, we stand for these petitions, as the Council of Nicea (325 A.D.) required.

Easter, 2005, San Rocco
Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005: San Rocco is overflowing.

Easter Sunday, 2005, at San Rocco
In red is Elise Kabbes, mother of Marty Kabbes Bramlette, our Music Director.

Michelle Prisco
Michelle Prisco with sons Kristopher (left) and Vincent Michael (right), who is baptized on Easter Sunday, March 27.

San Rocco Choir, Pentecost, 2005
Pentecost, May 15, 2005, the San Rocco Choir sings a Mozart Alleluia and "Sunshine in My Soul."

Dawn DeVries and choir on Easter, 2005
The Choir sings with the people, to support them. Note that they are standing on the new steps in front of the statue of Mary.

Pastor James Flint and Valerie Williams
On March 30, 2005, Pastor James R. Flint (left) of Bethel Community Center hosted a meeting with local pastors in Chicago Heights. Val Williams (right) is Economic Director for the city. Pastor Flint is liason between the city and its faith-based religious leaders. His Bethel Community Center is at 1215 Portland, about a mile north of San Rocco Oratory.

Pope John Paul
Pope John Paul II

Pope Benedict, Bishop of Rome
On May 8, 2005, for the first time, we sing "Words of Wonder," in honor of the new Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Children's Choir
May 22, the Catholic Children's Choir comes to San Rocco to sing for the liturgy.

Annunciation Catholic Church
This is the church where the Children's Choir holds its rehearsals. The choir has both Byzantine and Roman Catholic members.

San Rocco Directory
The San Rocco Directory was published May 29, 2005, by Olan Mills.

Bishop Perry and those confirmed & given First Holy Communion
June 5, 2005, Bishop Perry comes to give confirmation and First Holy Communion to the children of San Rocco.

San Rocco First Communicants
Because the church building is not large enough to accommodate their families, children receiving First Communion do so on Saturday, with their families. The next day, in the Sunday gathering (the "Church"), they are confirmed, if they were not already confirmed, and receive Communion for the first time with the Sunday assembly. In this sense, then, in the Church, they received their First Holy Communion on June 5, Sunday.

San Rocco children
The children of San Rocco who prepared together, with their parents, for confirmation and First Communion.

God, through Water
Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)
The Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) is the most prominent Lutheran church in Dresden. Destroyed by British bombers in 1945, the church was rebuilt and reopened in 2005. From August 7 to 12, Dresden was the host city for the Congress of the Societas Liturgica.

Father Gilligan and Norma McCorvey
Father Gilligan and Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe"), as she receives the Gratiam Dei Award from American Catholic Press (ACP).

San Rocco people
Above, from the left, are Jake & Thelma Biamonte, John & Carol Dallesandro, Ron & Priscilla Fushi, and Frank & Marilyn Jobbe.

Mayor Angelo Ciambrone and August Anzelmo
Mayor Angelo Ciambrone and August Anzelmo: Oct. 1, 2005 (ACP Benefit).

Norma McCorvey
Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe"), speaking after Communion, at San Rocco, on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005.

Tim Woods directing the congregation
With the San Rocco Choir behind him, Director Tim Woods brings in the congregation. Jeff Dandurand built both the riser in the back, for the San Rocco Choir, and the steps on the right, under the statue of Mary, for the guest choir from Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church. Both the riser and the steps are needed for the singers, so they can be heard.

Paul Preuss on the day of his baptism
November 27, 2005: From the left are Teresa [Planera] Bravo, Paul Preuss, and his brother Kurt. This is immediately after the Mass celebrating Paul's baptism, confirmation, and First Communion.

Kurt and Paul Preuss with Teresa Bravo
Here, again, are Kurt and Paul Preuss, with Theresa Bravo, over in the Hall named after St. Anthony. The cake was made for this occasion.

Christmas carols before Mass
Christmas carols before Mass, sung by the choir, from the back of church, from the baptistry

 [Sunday, Jan. 2] Upon hearing that St. George Orthodox Church, Monee,  had its windows vandalized, with $5,000 damage, the people of San Rocco participate in a second collection, for the benefit of St. George.

[Saturday, Jan. 8] Father Gilligan visits St. George Church, participates in Vespers, and gives the new pastor, Father Samuel, a donation of $200 from the people of San Rocco.  Coptic Vespers is more complex than Roman Vespers; at St. George's, it's also in Arabic and Coptic. Fortunately, a hand missal is available, in the English language.  Vespers itself is followed by another service, with much chanting.

[Sunday, Jan. 9] Joe Grilli, John Onofrio, and Dave Sebastian meet after Mass, to discuss a possible addition to the hall at St. Rocco Oratory, for a meeting room and a storage room.

[Monday, Jan. 10] Father Gilligan reports on the state of San Rocco to Bishop Perry, at his office in South Holland, at Seton Academy.  Bishop Perry meets annually with each pastor in his vicariate, as well as all rectors of oratories.

[Friday, Jan. 14] Funeral Mass is celebrated for Argia DiMascio, sister in law of Americo Mascitti, usher at San Rocco.  Argia was also the sister of Gina Ristenpart. Written by Deacon Bob Bonta, nephew of the deceased, the euology is read by Tony Bonta, who also reads the first two Scripture readings and helps with Communion.  Because of the cold, the usual entrance procession is omitted.  Usual songs include Eternal Rest, I Lift My Soul, May Light Eternal and May God Welcome Her in Glory.  All singing is unaccompanied, as usual. Burial is at Evergreen Cemetery in Steger.

[Sunday, Jan. 16] At Sunday Mass, Gabriella Maria Randazzo is baptized; she is the second child of Rosario and Enza, granddaughter of Giuseppe and Giovanna Incandela.   The new baptistry, built by Dave Sebastian, serves the purpose well. 

[Tuesday, Jan. 25] Priests from the southern suburbs take part in a retreat, organized by Bishop Perry, the regional vicar.  These few days are spent at the Retreat House on the seminary grounds, up in Mundelein, Illinois.

[Monday, Feb. 7] A wake is held for Margaret Onofrio, wife of John.

[Tuesday, Feb. 8] Bishop Perry meets in the St. Anthony Hall with Father Gilligan, August Anzelmo, and Angelo Ciambrone, to plan ahead. Bishop Perry also checks out the new baptistry and confessional in the church.  Although a larger font is normative for baptism, for the sake of immersion, the font used at San Rocco is from the original church and so has a certain value for the sake of local tradition.  Bishop Perry agrees. 

[Ash Wednesday, Feb. 9]  Full house at San Rocco: Liturgy of the Word, with distribution of ashes.

[Friday, Feb. 11] Stations and Vespers begin, to be celebrated every Friday evening.  Tonight, Tom Planera celebrates his 70th birthday at Mr. Benny's.  The large Planera clan knows how to celebrate.  Gene Planera dances the tarantella with vigor.

[Saturday, Feb. 12] In the St. Anthony Hall, people share a dinner for St. Valentine's Day. 

[Thursday, Feb. 24] Father Gilligan attends a liturgy seminar at Yale University, New Haven, CT.   Scholars come from many parts, to study the place of Christ in liturgical prayer.  The work of Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J., is considered anew, especially with regard to christology.  Speakers include Father Robert Taft, S.J., of the Pontifical Oriental Institute and Gabrielle Winker of Tuebingen. 

[Wednesday, Mar. 9] In the afternoon, local priests attend a Virtus training program at Seton Academy in South Holland, for the protection of children.  At 3 p.m. Mary Tintari and Theresa Bravo help complete the San Rocco photo directory; they work in South Holland, at ACP.

[Saturday, Mar. 12] Cosmo Constantino is buried from San Rocco with a funeral Mass.  The family is Sicilian; as the deceased's name gives evidence, there is Greek ancestry.

[Wednesday, Mar. 15] More work is done on the photo directory for San Rocco.  The book is almost done as of now.

[Friday, March 18] Anthony Taveletti is buried from San Rocco with a funeral Mass.

[Thursday, March 24] The choir sings for Holy Thursday Mass.  During the washing of feet, we sing "A New Commandment I Give You," from the hymnbook.   Both women and men have their feet washed. 

[Saturday, March 26] Trisa Panici Boccia passes away.  She is to be buried in Amaseno, Italy.

[Sunday, March 27] At Easter Mass, Michelle Prisco has her second child baptized, Vincent Michael.  The choir sings "May the Lord bless thee."  Dawn DeVries is guest soloist today, Easter Sunday.  The choir is excellent.  After not being used all during Lent, the organ is played today once again; it is a welcome sound.

[Monday, March 28] Marty Bramlette meets for a music planning session.  She will be away in the Summer of 2005 and will move to Matoon in 2006.

[Tuesday, Mar 29] John Onofrio faxes in two bids received for an addition to the St. Anthony hall, a meeting room and a storage room.

[Wednesday, March 30] Mayor DeLuca hosts a Chicago Heights clergy gathering, in part to discuss social problems in the community.  This meeting takes place at Bethel Hall on Portland, just a few blocks north of San Rocco.  Most of the clergy present are from the east side of Chicago Heights.  The clergy speak to social concerns: drugs, unemployment, etc.

[Friday, April 1] Tricia Panici Boccia is buried from San Rocco with a funeral Mass.  She was the sister of the late Ettore Panici, husband of Anna.

[Sunday, April 3]  Because Pope John Paul died yesterday, at Mass we sing after the sermon, "May God Welcome Him in Glory," followed by the usual versicles and responses:  "Eternal rest" etc.  At the end of Communion, we sing "May Saints of Old." 

[Sunday, May 8] In honor of the new German Pope, Benedict XVI, we sing at Sunday Mass, "Words of Wonder" to a tune by Franz Josef Haydn;  since the nineteenth century, this melody has been the German national anthem.  In the afternoon, Father Gilligan attends a benefit dinner at the Oak Brook Marriott, to support the new Coptic Orthodox parish in Monee, St. George.  Their new church cost $1.3 million; there are 35 families in the parish. Afterwards, he visits Brian Diamond, an attorney in Wheaton who organized the St. Thomas More Society there.

[Wednesday, May 11] Father Gilligan meets with Bishop Perry, in South Holland, to review several topics, for example, when confirmation will be celebrated at San Rocco.  Bishop Perry, with the help of his secretary, Father Max, decides on Sunday, June 5.  Also discussed was a committee recently formed to help people in Ford Heights get jobs.

[Pentecost Sunday, May 15] Dawn DeVries again sings with the choir.  For the first time, the choir sings  a Mozart Alleluia and "Sunshine in My Soul," in Gospel style.

[Tuesday, May 17] May Devotion at San Rocco.

[Wednesday, May 18]. Paul Preuss meets with other people who have become Catholic.  He is preparing for baptism; his sponsor is Teresa Bravo.  The group meets weekly in South Holland, at ACP.

[Saturday, May 21] The new online directory for San Rocco goes live.  Now, with the password announced at Sunday Mass, Oratory members can check out photos of staff and those who had their photos taken by Olan Mills.

[Sunday, May 22] The South Suburban Catholic Children's Choir visits San Rocco; the children sing several songs used during the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, in English.  The choir practices at Annunciation Catholic Church, Homer Glen, and includes both Byzantine and Roman Catholics.  The director is Tim Woods, who previously was choir director at St. Joe's in Homewood. Concelebrating is Father Joseph LaRoque, a new priest from Haiti, who is here to serve the Haitian Mission at Our Lady of Peace; he speaks both Creole and French.  His name in Italian is "Rocco."  Some parishioners from the Haitian Mission also attend, Emma Jean and Renee. After Mass, all gather in the hall for coffee and donuts, prepared by Vera DiMaggio.

[Sunday, May 29] At Mass, the new print directory is distributed to the people.  This beautiful, 4-color book, with flexible binding, includes photos of those who posed for Olan Mills, other photos, an extensive roster, a map to San Rocco, numerous activity photos, and a list of relevant phone numbers on the back cover.  For those who posed for Olan Mills, the publisher, the directory is free.  For everybody else, it's $3.00 each.  We have only a limited number of extra copies.  Today, too, the password was announced for the San Rocco online directory.  You have to go to Sunday Mass or get a bulletin to find out the password.

[Tuesday, May 31] At Panozzo Funeral Home, in the evening, a brief Vigil was held as part of the funeral liturgy for Ercolino ("Argo") Ciancanelli, age 80.  He was the brother of Ann Nardoni. Arco was born and raised across the street from San Rocco Church; he served Mass as an altar boy. He was given an extensive obituary in the Sun-Times.

[Saturday, June 4] Today, several children received their First Holy Communion, as part of a special Mass with their families.  During the Mass, after the sermon, each father responded affirmatively to the question if he wanted his child to receive holy Communion.  Jo Walter spoke for Rachael.   As on Sunday, those receiving Communion were able to receive also from the chalice.  The organist was Henry Dicristofano. After the Mass, the Panici family made use of the San Rocco Hall, named in honor of St. Anthony. 

[Sunday, June 5] With permission of Father George Rassas, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Bishop Joseph Perry today confirmed 13 children of the San Rocco community.  The parents had asked to have them all confirmed, in part to keep the group together; they had been studying together, with their parents, since last Fall.  The parents felt that all the children were ready to be fully initiated.  The parents and children had studied carefully sound articles on Christian initiation, for example, the pastoral letter on confirmation from the bishop of Fargo, North Dakota.

Even more important than confirmation, Bishop Perry  celebrated the Eucharist with them, their sponsors, and the whole Sunday community.  For several of them, this was their First Holy Communion, as part of this Sunday gathering.  Bishop Perry gave an especially eloquent homily and was accompanied by a seminarian who served as his assistant during the celebration, Mario Borha.  The organist was Dr. Laura Javorka, from Holy Ghost parish in South Holland.

At noon, newly-ordained Father Dave Simonetti celebrated Mass at San Rocco; during the celebration, he baptized the baby of Tom Amadio.  Afterwards, the family hosted a meal in the San Rocco Hall, named after St. Anthony.  Father Simonetti is from Chicago Heights.

[Monday, June 6] San Rocco celebrated a funeral Mass, for the burial of Edea Napoli.  Except for Helen Paolini, Romie DiRienzo, and the priest, all the participants in the Mass were from out of town.  As usual, singing during the Mass was without organ accompaniment.  Burial was in Resurrection cemetery mausoleum, in Justice, Illinois.

[Tuesday, June 28-Friday, July 1] Priests' Convocation in St. Charles, Illinois.

[Sunday, July 3]  At a 3 p.m. Mass, Father Ismael Sandoval witnessed the marriage of Bernardo Soto and Cristina Ayala; the liturgy was celebrated entirely in Spanish.  The organist was Joanne Rossbach.   Father Sandoval is from St. Benedict's in Blue Island. Bernardo's mother and sister travelled up here from Durango, Mexico, especially to take part in the celebration.

[Saturday, July 9] At 9 a.m., San Rocco celebrated the funeral of Anna Biasella, the mother of Emedia Bonanotte, wife of Cleto.  Cara Scott sang Schubert's Ave Maria, with accompaniment by Jeanette Dandurand.  At 11 a.m., San Rocco celebrated the funeral of Giuseppina Zomparelli, mother of Armando and nine other children.

[Monday, July 11] Angelo Ciambrone sets up a separate bank account for the St. Anthony Hall, which continues to welcome guests, especially from the neighborhood.  For example, people use the hall for the Quinceaneras, the coming-out party around the fifteenth birthday of a young woman.

[Wednesay, July 13]  After returning from visiting Rome, Italy, Paul Preuss resumes inquiry classes at ACP in South Holland.  His sponsor is Teresa Bravo.

[Sunday, July 31] Today, Emilia Hilgen is baptized, daughter of Dave and Kathi Hilgen. At Mass, after the sermon, we sing 610, "God, through Water."  During the procession to the font, the litany of the saints is sung, followed by petitions relating to baptism.  The people profess their faith in dialogue and then sing 611, "Lord Jesus."  They respond with Alleluia to each verse of the blessing of Water.  To the pouring of water and the anointing with oil, they sing Amen.  After Communion, the choir sings, "May the Lord Bless Thee," in four part harmony. Mass ends with a special blessing for the parents of the newly baptized child. For the third Sunday in a row, Dennis Peters (of Holy Ghost parish in South Holland) plays the organ.

[[Sunday, Aug. 7 to Friday, Aug. 12]  Father Gilligan attends the Congress of the Societas Liturgica, in Dresden, Germany.  The Societas Liturgica is an association of professors and scholars of liturgy.  Online, you can review the themes of the Dresden Congress.

[Sunday, Aug. 7] From miles around, people come to the San Lorenzo Festival.  The people gather at the Amaseno Lodge, then march in procession down 22nd Street, with the statues of St. Lawrence and St. Rocco.  They celebrate Mass in the church, in part in Latin and Italian, with much singing and gusto.  Bread is blest and distributed.  Then the people process back to the Amaseno Lodge for more celebration.

[Tuesday, Aug. 16] Today, we celebrate the funeral Mass of Emily Holz, grandmother of Dee Comella. 

[Sunday, Aug. 21] The San Rocco Festa is celebrated, making use of the new hall.

[Tuesday, Aug. 16] Today, we celebrate the funeral Mass of Emily Holz, grandmother of Dee Comella.

[Wednesday, Aug. 31] A music planning meeting is held, with Marty Bramlette and Father Gilligan. 

[Friday, Sept. 9] An evening Mass is celebrated at San Rocco, in honor of this saint, by special request, for a particular intention.

[Saturday, Sept. 10] The funeral Mass of Theresa Bruni is celebrated

[Saturday, Oct. 1] An entire table at the ACP annual benefit is taken by people from San Rocco.  Angelo Ciambrone and August Anzelmo also attend.  The guest of honor is Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of the Supreme Court decision of 1973, "Roe v. Wade."  She receives the Gratiam Dei Award, the highest honor of American Catholic Press.  Bishop Frank Kane speaks, as does Mary-Louise Kurey, head of the Pro-Life Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

[Sunday, Oct. 2]  At Sunday Mass at San Rocco Oratory, after the Post Communion prayer, Norma McCorvey speaks to the congregation, explaining why she is now convinced that abortion is wrong and why she has become a Catholic, as well as a fervent advocate of the pro-life cause.  After Mass, she flies back home to Dallas, Texas.

[Sunday, Oct. 9]  Paul Preuss is accepted as a catechumen, with special prayers for him and other catechumens, sung at the end of the Liturgy of the Word, before the Creed.  These prayers are repeated on following Sundays.  He is preparing for baptism on the First Sunday of Advent, Nov. 29.  As far as possible, we use the RCIA, the Rite for the
Christian Initiation of Adults.

This same Sunday, after the regular collection during the preparation of the gifts, we take up a second collection for people in New Orleans afflicted by Hurricane Katrina.  We collect $1080, which is sent to the Catholic Church Extension Society.


[Saturday, Oct. 15] We receive a thank-you letter from Mr. Richard Ritter of the Extension Society.  He writes that our gift will go to help St. Leo the Great parish in downtown New Orleans.  The church suffered a great deal of wind damage, he says.

Today, St. Joseph's Church in Homewood donates a piano to San Rocco, for use in the hall, thanks to the generosity of the Music Director there, Mr. John Ligda.

St. joseph Church window
Front Window of St. Joseph Church, Homewood

[Saturday, Oct. 22] Filomena and Rosario Panici celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at a 4 p.m. Mass.  The organist is Karen Dalton from Park Forest.  Much of the Mass is in the Italian language: one of the Scripture readings, the renewal of wedding vows, the sung petitions of the prayer of the faithful, some of the songs, the preface and the rest of the Eucharistic Prayer, and the final blessing.  Children read their own petitions for the prayer of the faithful, in English.

[Monday, Oct 24] We celebrate the funeral Mass today of Loretta Semintendi, sister of Frank Granno and Josephine Monty.  She had seven children.

[Sunday, Oct. 30] A pasta dinner is held in the St. Anthony hall, with many guests.  The hall is filled, with several seatings in the course of the afternoon.  Everything is home made by members of the San Rocco community.  The dinner is a great success, with the support of many volunteers.

Loretta Semintendi and Bishop Perry
Loretta Semintendi and Bishop Perry, June, 2005. She was buried from San Rocco, with a Funeral Mass, on October 24.

[Tuesday, Nov. 1] At 7 p.m., All Saints Day, the San Rocco Choir sings various parts of the Mass in 4-part harmony.  For the first time, they sing "It is Right and Just," in honor of the Virgin Mary. This evening, we also welcome the Catholic Children's choir, directed by Tim Woods.  Many of the children are from Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Homer Glen.  They too sing various parts of the Mass.  Afterwards, the San Rocco choir holds its regular rehearsal.

[Sunday, Nov. 6] At Mass, Frank and Marilyn Jobbe receive a blessing for their 40th wedding anniversary.  They celebrate with a dinner afterwards in the St. Anthony hall.

 [Sunday, Nov. 27] After the sermon today, Paul Preuss is fully initiated into the Catholic Church, through baptism, confirmation, and First Holy Communion.  His sponsors are Teresa Bravo and his brother, Kurt.  His mother, sister, and two other brothers are also present.  After Mass, there is a reception in the St. Anthony hall, to welcome Paul.   He also takes the name "Francis," after St. Francis DeSales (also a teacher, as is Paul).   

[Monday, Nov. 28] Bishop Perry meets with August Anzelmo, Angelo Ciambrone, and Father Gilligan, at Seton Academy in South Holland.  To help obtain a deacon for San Rocco, Bishop Perry suggests contact be made with Father Michael Ahlstrom, who is in charge of formation for the deacon candidates. 

Baptism of Katelyn Wess
December 11, 2005: Baptism of Katelyn Wess: anointing with oil after the pouring of water.

[Sunday, Dec. 11] Baptism of Katelyn Wess, daughter of Chris and Donna [Petrelli], sister of Ryan.  Godparents are Jackie Petrelli and Michael Wess, represented by his proxy, Joe Petrelli.

[Sunday, Dec. 18] At the end of Communion, the choir sings I've Got Sunshine in My Soul.  In celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary, Frank and Rose Granno receive a special blessing at the end of Mass.

[Christmas, Dec. 25] There is only one Christmas Mass celebrated at St. Rocco, at the usual 10 a.m. time.  Other churches will have a Midnight Mass, a Mass at Dawn, and perhaps even a Vigil Mass.  But with only one celebration of the Eucharist, as on Sunday, the entire San Rocco community can gather in a single assembly.

Before Mass, the choir sings Christmas carols; they stand on the elevated platform, the baptistry, in the back of the church.   At first, there are only three women; but by the time Mass starts, we have full alto and soprano sections.

After the carols, the children present a brief play at the beginning of Mass, standing at the head of the middle aisle.  This is nothing more than a reading of part of the Gospel of Luke; each child reads a verse or two of the Christmas story.

Gathering in the vestibule,  the choir takes part in the opening procession, walking in ahead of the priest and servers, singing in four parts as they go.   The verses of O Come, All Ye Faithful are in full SATB harmony; the congregation joins in the refrain after each verse, in unison. 

The Gloria today and in the rest of the Christmas season, from the American Catholic Hymnbook, uses the refrain from Angels We Have Heard on High.  Everybody knows it by heart and joins in readily.

Won by Love, by Norma McCorvey
"Won by Love," by Norma McCorvey, is the book she herself autographed for people, on Sunday, Oct. 2, at San Rocco. This book is the story of her personal journey, towards a pro-life viewpoint.

At this point, the choir has only three women.
At this point, the choir has only three women.

Entrance Procession of the Choir
Entrance Procession of the Choir Christmas morning: "O Come, All Ye Faithful," in four-part harmony.

Choir enters, singing
Choir enters the church, singing. On the left is Catherine Inucci; on the right, Nick Markionni. In the center are Luisa Pizzoferrato, Susan Baggio, and Angelo Ciambrone.

Ken Ziccardi, in the bass section
Ken Ziccardi, in the bass section, followed by servers Paul & Nikko Rodriguez. On the left, August Anzelmo carries in the Gospel Book. In the congregation, on the right, is Louise Davis.

Entrance Procession of the Servers, Christmas, 2005
In the Entrance Procession at Christmas, 2005, from the left, are Paul & Nikko Rodriguez, Ethan Jaffe, and Josh Graham, crucifer. Wearing a red shirt is Michael Pena; he and his wife Sharon have moved up here from Arizona and have joined the San Rocco family.

San Rocco Oratory

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