San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Holy Thursday, 2001. In the back, behind Most Rev. Joseph Perry are Father Gilligan and Ray Deabel, deacon. From the left are Jean Ciambrone, John Onofrio, Rosanne & Angelo Ciambrone, Paul Pizzoferrato, Gene Planera, Joe Vega, Susan Grilli, Nick & Rob Markionni, Ken Ziccardi, August Anzelmo. Then, Pat & Angie Palanca [+Nicholas], Ettore Panici, Gene Billo, Maria & Tony Zerante, Cleto & Emidia Bonnanotte, Guy Petrarca, Marilyn Jobbe, Joe Petrongelli, Doug Foster, Carol & Dominic Candeloro, Catherine Inucci,and Joan Termini

Poerio baptism
Steven and Kristy Poerio, with baby Anthony, on the day of baptism, June 9, 2001.

Baptism Preparation
Joe and Heidi Panici with Brianna and Gino (asleep); his baptism is July 15, 2001.

Choir with John Pelley on the trumpet
Here, under direction of Marty Bramlette, the choir sings at the visit of Cardinal George, Aug. 21, 2001. John Pelley, right, plays the trumpet. Guest singers, in the second row, on the right, include Joan Termini and Sam Argento. Tom Planera is between them, in the top row. To the left of Joan Termini, who has red hair, is Angela Palanca. In this image, the choir has just finished singing "Praise Our God" (Bortniansky); John Pelley is playing "The Trumpet Shall Sound" (Handel).

Knights of Columbus
In the entrance procession, the Knights of Columbus form an honor guard for the presider, Cardinal George.

Marty Bramlette directs and leads the choir.
In procession, the choir is directed and led by Marty Bramlette. The choir sings verses of Psalm 107 in Psalm Tone 8, from the hymnbook. The people sing Alleuia, in response to each verse of the Psalm.

Ray Deabel leading Procession
Now moving north, the procession is led in good order by Deacon Ray Deabel. He is a full-time chaplain at St. James Hospital, Chicago Heights.

Procession with Gospel Book
From the left are Deacon John Leonas, Father John McDonnell, Cardinal George, Most Rev. Joseph Perry, Fathers Michael Gilligan, Ed Gleeson, Jakob Thekeparampil, Sixtus Agostini (Comboni), Lou Cameli, Ron Kondziolka, Wayne Prist, Deacon Bob Bonta (carrying the Gospel Book), and John Pelley, in the choir.

Deacon John Leonas, Cardinal George, Bishop Perry, and Father Gilligan

Cardinal George
Here is Cardinal George, processing through the congregation, on August 26, 2001. It is the beginning of the liturgy.

Cardinal George walking down to people.
After the Gospel, Cardinal George walks down to the front of the congregation, so that he could be heard easily. Most of the people are seated in the tent; some are standing along the edge.

[Aug. 21, 2001] In a pastoral visit, Cardinal George comes to celebrate the Eucharist, outside, at the San Rocco Oratory.  There are many more photos online, on this very site.

Children welcoming Cardinal George
As the entrance procession concludes, the people sing "Ad Multos Annos" ("For many years may you live!") to Cardinal George. This is the first of two songs in acclamation of his coming.

Father John McDonnell, Bishop Perry, & Cardinal George
A replica of the Trevi Fountain, in Rome, is a focus of the San Rocco Festa. "Three coins in the Fountain," as you remember. Above, two of the festa participants wear miters.

Kids at Trevi Fountain
Kids find the Trevi Fountain fascinating.

August Anzelmo, Cardinal George, and Mayor
After Mass, Cardinal George visited the church building of the oratory and greeted the people under a large tent in front. Above, August Anzelmo, Cardinal George, and Mayor Angelo Ciambrone.

Cardinal George, under the tent
Under the tent, outside, from the left, are Chuck Paolini, Mary Tintari, Cardinal George, Helen Paolini, and Romie DiRenzo.

Bishop Perry and Paul Rodriguez
After Mass, here are Most Rev. Joseph Perry and Paul Rodriguez, on the right.

San Rocco Oratory

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