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Sons of Italy Mass: 3 servers

Giacomo Mancini reads the Epistle, in Italian. To the right is Pasquale Sabino.
Giacomo Mancini reads the Epistle, in Italian. To the right is Pasquale Sabino.

Procession of Gifts
Procession of Gifts

DiGiovanni Family Reunion: St. Joseph's table

DiGiovanni Family Reunion: Pasta

DiGiovanni Family Reunion: Video


Onofrio family table
Onofrio family table

Jack and Giovanna

Davis family table
Davis family table

Billo family table

110 people are gathered in St. Anthony hall

Palm Sunday: St. Paul’s Parish at San Rocco grotto

Corpus Christi at San Rocco, 2017. On the right is Ron Fushi, holding incense.

On the way back to the church, in procession, the people sing All Glory, Praise, and Honor.

Mayor Ciambrone with donations for the Jones Center

[Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017] We celebrate the funeral of Barbara DiGiovanni, sister of the late Lucy Prisco. Barbara was a very active member of San Rocco Oratory, loved by everybody. Her family requested that Father Tom Kasputis preside at her funeral Mass.

[Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017] The Sons of Italy celebrate a Mass for the faithful departed of their association. Afterwards, all gather at Balagio's Restaurant in Homewood.

[Saturday, Jan. 28] We celebrate the funeral of Catherine Inucci, also a faithful member of the San Rocco family. After Prairie Green, she lived at St. James Manor, Crete.

[Friday, Feb. 3] We celebrate the funeral of Gene Planera, brother of the late Ray Planera. Gene was a regular at San Rocco and former president of the Amaseno Lodge.

[Saturday, Feb. 4] Pete Ruhl arranges a memorial Mass for his mother-in-law, "Betty" Lucille Jenkins. His family gathers for this liturgy, including a daughter from California and a son from Oak Park.

[Saturday, Feb. 18] In St. Anthony Hall, about 110 people gather for carnivale, a pre-Lent dinner. We have a record high in attendance.

[Tuesday, Feb. 21] We celebrate the funeral of Dominic Izzo. He was only 39.

[Wednesday, Mar. 1] At 7 p.m. we have a Liturgy of the Word for Ash Wednesday. Earlier, similar services were held at both Prairie Green and Brookdale residences.

[Friday, Mar. 3] This evening and on successive Fridays of Lent, we celebrate Vespers, preceded by the Way of the Cross.

[Sunday, Mar. 19] DiGiovanni Family Reunion at St. Anthony Hall.

[Thursday, March 20] At Garfield School, near San Rocco church, Mayor Gonzalez meets with citizens from the neighborhood. One concern brought up is the state of 21st Street, just north of the church, and the soccer field, on the north side of the street.

[Sunday, March 26] Liturgy of the Word, for the funeral of Susan Meier, sister of Jeanne Marhoefer. This Liturgy takes place at a local restaurant.

[Saturday, Apr. 8] Noemi Martinez celebrates her quinceañera.

[Sunday, Apr. 9] At 10a.m. San Rocco holds its customary Palm procession. At noon, several hundred people come over for a similar procession, to our grotto and soccer field. They represent two congregations from nearby St. Paul's church.

[Wednesday, April 12] At Panozzo Funeral home, we commemorate the passing of Dolly Leli, 98 years old. Dolly is the mother of David Leli (Laurie) and the late Bob Leli (Carol). For the past nine years, Father Gilligan brought her communion on Sunday, from the Mass celebrated at San Rocco. The funeral Liturgy of the Word included singing of The Lord is my Sheperd, Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ, a sung litany, Eternal Rest, and May God Welcome Her in Glory. Burial is at Assumption Cemetary in Glenwood, followed by a luncheon at Balagio's restaurant in Homewood.

[Thursday, Apr. 13] Holy Thursday evening Mass, with choir.

[Friday, Apr. 14] Good Friday Liturgy of the Word.

[Easter Sunday, April 16] We remember Dominic Izzo today. Among the people present are John, his brother, and Angelina, his mother. The choir does an exceptional job, singing, for example, Sunday Morning, Amazing Grace, How Beautiful, and Praises the Lord. The first and last songs are by Frideric Handel.

[Friday, May 12] We calebrate a funeral mass for 99-year old Mary Palanca, mother of Pasquale ("Pat") Palanca.

[Saturday, May 13] We celebrate the memorial Mass for Nick Garofalo, at Brookdale. Nick's oldest son, Michael, gives a eulogy during the Mass. Phyllis, Nick's widow, has the event well planned, with a luncheon afterwards, in the same media room.

[Sunday, May 21] From noon to 5 p.m., in St. Anthony hall, the Sons of Italy sponsor a spaghetti dinner. This fund-raiser supports the scholarships given by the Sons of Italy.

[Thursday, May 25] We celebrate the funeral of Bob Nelson, husband of Mila. He was 69 years old.

[Friday, May 26] We celebrate the funeral of Ann Castelli, 98 years old. She was faithful to Sunday Mass at San Rocco, often accompanied by family.

[Saturday, May 27] Baptism of Nathan Martinez.

[Saturday, June 17] At Idlewild Country Club, Homewood, the Amaseno Lodge celebrates its annual scholarship dinner.

Amaseno Lodge Scholarship Dinner, at Idlewild Country Club

[Sunday, June 18] Presentation of Griesel, at San Rocco church, arranged by Cindy Perez.

[Saturday, June 24] In the afternoon, we celebrate the baptism of Sebastian Flores. Later in the day, there is another celebration. Elisa Bravo, 65, had her funeral at St. Paul’s on June 15. She was only 65 years old, much loved by many. Elisa was the aunt of Maria Zamora. Elisa’s friends and family arranged a nine-day series of prayers and remembrances for her, a novena. On June 24, we celebrated a memorial Mass for her intention, entirely in Spanish, except for the sermon. For nine evenings, San Rocco Oratory had a full church.

[Saturday, July 8] Quinceañera of Fernanda Carmona.

[Saturday, July 15] Quinceañera of Valaria Zamora.

[Saturday, July 29] At noon, we celebrate the quinceañera of Jalisa Perez. At 3 p.m., we celebrate the wedding of Pascal Muñoz and Maria Castro.

[Sunday, Aug. 12] Father Ron Kondziolka celebrates Mass at San Rocco. He is the chaplain at St. James Hospital.

[Sunday, Aug. 13] Father Dave Simonetti celebrates Mass at San Rocco. He is the associate partor at St. James parish, Sauk Village. In accord with local tradition, this is also the third day of the San Lorenzo festival, with a procession from the Amaseno Lodge to the church.

[Saturday, Aug. 19] Father Tommaso Petrongelli, of the Order of the Mother of God, celebrates the funeral Mass of Phyllis Petrongelli, wife of Italo. Italo is the brother of Father Tommaso, who flew in from Rome for the funeral. Another brother is Americo.

[Saturday, Aug. 26] At noon, we celebrate the quinceañera of Valeria Mendez. At 1 p.m., we celebrate the baptisms of Bria Noelle Renteria (Parents are Brenda Renteria and Nathaniel Hull.), Alanie Renteria (Parents are Rosa Renteria and Mason James.), and Melanie Mendoza (Parents are Guadalupe Paz and Manuel Mendoza). Both the quineañera and the baptisms are entirely in Spanish.

[Sunday, Aug.27 and Sept. 1] Father Tommaso celebrates Mass at San Rocco. He also celebrates, in Italian, at 7 p.m. weekdays.

[Wednesday, Sept. 6] Father Orlando Flores of St. Paul’s and Father Gilligan of San Rocco meet over lunch at Three Star Restaurant, on 22nd Street. How can these two parishes work together?

[Tuesday, Oct. 3] All active parish priests of the Chicago diocese meet with our bishop, Cardinal Cupich, up at St. John Brebeuf. We evaluate inter-parish cooperation and consolidation. Cardinal Cupich has already organized several such meetings; he calls the effort “Renew my Church.” Religious Order pastors are also expected to come; these are priests who belong to communities such as the Dominicans, the Franciscans, the Jesuits, etc. Only those involved In parish work are invited.

[Saturday, Oct. 7] Baptism of Hank Owen Seeder, at 2 p.m. His great grandmother is Fran Pena. The movable chairs in the back of San Rocco Oratory are arranged for this sacrament in a circular pattern, around the baptismal font.

[Sunday, Oct. 8] Over in the St. Anthony Hall, from noon to 4 p.m., we have a spaghetti dinner, pasta pranza. Food is homemade, prepared by volunteers. During the event, people come and go. Most diners stay only about an hour, as they wish. It’s $13 a person. Kids 7-12, $6; kids under 6 are free. In anticipation of this dinner, the hall undergoes a special cleaning.

[Thursday, Oct. 12] At Prairie State College, 202 South Halsted, under leadership of San Rocco Oratory, people gather to pray the rosary; afterwards, people watch a film about the Fatima apparitions. We pray the rosary at 6:30 p.m., in the auditorium. This gathering is a commemoration of the 1917 assembly at Fatima, Portugal. Although there will be a free-will donation opportunity, admission to this event is free. For further information, call (708) 754-3447 or (708) 692-8867.

[Saturday, Oct. 21] The Sons of Italy gather at Balagio’s in Homewood, 175th and Dixie. This group celebrates a yearly Mass at San Rocco, in remembrance of those who have died. Today, at Balagio’s, grace before meals is in Italian. This restaurant provides a color ad in our San Rocco bulletin; we appreciate that.

[Wednesday, Nov. 1] At 5:30 p.m. the finance council of San Rocco meets at Burrito Station, on Halsted. We consider the financial report for fiscal year 2017, the use of the property north of 21st Street, our relationship with St. Paul parish, and other matters. At 7 p.m., Mass at the church is celebrated for All Saints Day.

This photo and the one below are photos of a recent procession in honor of St. Rocco. This procession involved the parish of St. James the Greater (San Giacomo) in the town of Lauria, in the southern Italian diocese of Tursi-Lagonegro. The pastor is Father Franco Alagia. Instead of “Father” his prefix is “Sac.”; that’s an abbreviation of sacerdote (“priest’).

This procession took place October 28, Saturday, 2017. Movement began in the Piazza del Populo and was heading down Via del Gorso. There were more than 200 people in the procession, with half a dozen priests.

[Saturday, Nov. 18] At 2 p.m., at Brookdale residence, we hold a memorial service for all those who have died in the past year. This is a Liturgy of the Word, celebrated on an interfaith basis. We gather in the media room, where Mass is celebrated each Sunday. Singing usually involves patriotic songs and is intended to be the common prayer of all those who are present.

Christmas choir

San Rocco Oratory

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